5 Ways to Find New Readers for Your Articles

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24 Feb 2013

For those of you who earn money writing articles on the internet for sites like InfoBarrel or Squidoo, once your article is published, you only need to sit back and smile as the AdSense profit cash rolls in, right? Wrong! Getting an article published in only half the battle. The next step is to share your piece with the rest of the world – after all the world be a better place if everybody could learn from your brilliance? (I am kidding…kinda). If you use any of the following six tips, you will see an increase your number of readers.

If you have had the opportunity to speak with somebody who is generating income from the articles that they publish online, they will probably admit to you that they are earning between $0.25 and $2.00 per month for each article that they have ever published. Earning money from your articles is purely a numbers game, and it is critical to understand the correlation between people reading your article and the balance in your Google AdSense account. In all honesty, you are likely to generate around $15.00 for each 1,000 views in advertising. If you hear that an article earned $1.00, you can do the calculations to know that the article had roughly 70 page-views. That is a good number for somebody that has not researched their keywords, not independently marketed their articles and not used any additional monetization strategies (i.e. affiliate marketing) for their articles.

In other words, to make money writing articles, you must generate page views.

Once I receive confirmation that my post has been published, I follow this 5-part checklist to maximize my viewership:

1. If applicable, it does not hurt to update your previous articles with a link to your newest article. The key is that the link be natural and not crow-barred into your old posts. If done effectively, it helps a reader find related your content, which increases the probability they discover something they enjoy and would recommend to others. For example, I wrote an article on “Classic Bollywood movies” (which I wrote because keyword had good search volume). In this article, I said that Bollywood stars were India’s equivalent of Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. When I wrote that line, I had planned to write subsequent articles on these two actors. Once the articles on Depp and Pitt were written, I went back and updated the original Bollywood piece.

2. Submit your article to the host for consideration as a feature article (provided the host has this functionality – I know InfoBarrel does). So far, I’ve had seventeen articles features and can confirm that this generates decent volume.

3. Set up a regular auto-tweet for your new post using a product like as TweetAdder or HootSuite. If possible, include the twitter handles of famous people who might be interested and retweet your article. This happened to me once – I wrote a piece about Howard Stern and his re-tweet generated almost 10,000 views within 24 hours.

4. For each article that you write, update your Google AdSense account as soon as it is published. AdSense will track each URL address, which you can use to track both the income and the number of viewers each day. Over time, you will start to realize that certain article types out-punch their weight when it comes to revenue while the ones you assumed would do well can sometimes fall flatly. This is valuable in your evolution as an author. From the main Google Adsense page, go to ‘My Ads’, then ‘URL Channels’.

5. Post the article to various social media sites (StumbleUpon, Facebook, Pintrest, etc) to drive extra traffic to your site.

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