Rear doors prompt Honda Odyssey recall

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22 Feb 2013

Versions of the Honda Odyssey minivan with the power-assisted rear door from 2008 and 2009 are subject to a recall. The issue is that the rear door struts can lose gas and be unsuccessful.

There is a gas leak

The issue lies in 2008 to 2009 model years of the Odyssey minivan. It is on the EX-L Touring and Touring Elite trims with the power-assisted rear doors. MSNBC explained that the recall was publicized by both the National Highway Traffic Security Administration and Honda.

With the defect in the doors, the door can close unexpectedly and possibly cause injury. The pneumatic struts that lift the doors can lose lifting capacity if it is leaking gas. AutoBlog explains that a manufacturing defect caused this to occur.

recall involves quite a few units

If you are impacted by the recall, you will get a letter from Honda in March. There are 45,757 units in the United States affected by it.

There have only been seven reported instances of the failure, according to the New York Times, and only two cases in which an injury was reported. In both cases, according to MSNBC, the injury was minor.

In September 2011, the NHTSA noticed there had been seven reports and two injuries because of the issue. This was when it notified Honda is was going to start an investigation.

An old issue

Honda refused to do a recall in the past when the NHTSA told Honda to recall 22,000 Odyssey units of the 2006 model in 2009 due to difficulties with the power lift struts.

In 2010, Honda did a “safety improvement campaign” for the 2005 Odyssey. It decided this was a better choice as Toyota had just been allowed to do a “safety campaign” for 196,000 Sienna minivans from 2004 to 2006 that had failing rear struts.

Getting it repaired

AutoBlog explained that Honda owners will be notified by March 13 if they have to go in to a local Honda dealership to get their Odyssey fixed. The struts will be replaced for free.

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