Inspecting Used Cars For Purchase

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17 Apr 2013

When you wish to own a car but run short on budget you can opt for used cars instead. They cost pretty much lower as compared to the brand new ones. However you cannot be too sure on their quality and efficiency. It pays to complete a thorough and complete inspection of the cars and its history. First and foremost when it comes time to buy a first vehicle or replace your current form of transportation don’t be rushed. There are plenty of fish in the ocean or in this case car, trucks and SUVs in your local geographic area just waiting to be sold. Take full time and attention to inspect the car’s built, engine and history. Here are some tips on how to conduct a proper inspection for your desired used car.

In the advent of modernization and perhaps just to be different, the various automotive manufacturing companies have emerged to trace vehicle history. This is through Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which can provide you past information about the previous owners and the different damages or problems that you should be aware of. The very first company to offer this kind of service was Carfax ( which started its operation in 1986. At present, the Carfax can access 450 different information sources that can be emailed instantly to customers. Since 1981 Carfax has information for almost every car on the road. In fact the US government accepted the VIN as a standard tracking code for vehicle history. You will have to pay $14.99 to Carfax if you wish to get one history report. However it would be cost effective if you avail of their unrestricted car history determination for only $19.99 that is effective for a month. More recently, vehicle reliability information was added to the features of Carfax. Consumer Guide ( is another company that provides Consumer’s Guide repair information derived from the Experian database with around 1.7 billion reports. Still all in all its a wonderful time saving tool in 2012 to have the internet at our disposal to conduct easy and comprehensive auto shopping research and find used car & truck deals online or even physically on dealers’ lots. Prominent and reputable used “car dealerships” often buy these detailed reports that provide an assured 3rd party detailed background on the used vehicle to show their customers as well as potential buyers.

History reports are also capable of tracing cheats like odometer rollback, title washing and curbstoning. Odometer is a device that measure the distance traveled by the car annually. Depending on the odometer reading a used car can have a lower or higher value. That is the reason why some sellers would tamper the reading to have a higher price value for their car. History reports reveal the name of the previous owner and its location. So a discrepancy in this can reveal title washing or curbstoning. This report will definitely warn the buyer on the true condition and value of a certain used car. And will make sure that buyers will not be cheated.

Inspect also the car’s history. This can be very performed by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This will give you additional and much more precious information about the used car aside from the seller’s and mechanic’s statement. This very handy and powerful tool was made possible by computer and internet connection. There are several internet companies that were able to generate database on used car’s history. The first ever online company to offer this service operated by faxing used car’s history to customers, thus the name Carfax. This company began its business on 1986 and has grown tremendously over the past decade. This is together with the growing demand on used car history reports. Their database is drawn from about 450 sources of information. Other companies obtain their data from similar sources. Thus charges for this kind of service charge for as low as $14.99 for one car history determination and $19.99 for unrestricted car history verification. Another car history provider is the Consumers Guide. These companies can now offer other services like repair information and reliability information that can provide precise details of the car.

Employing these tips will definitely give you a better chance to get a gem of a vehicle to own, drive and maintain on your next new used car or truck transportation purchase instead of being stuck with a lemon. Be thorough in your endeavor , persistent and you will rewarded with that vehicle that is such a joy.

Vehicle history reports are one way to check the track record of any used auto. In 2013 online services such as Carfax provide customers with a record based on the vehicle’s serial number (VIN). These reports will indicate items of public record, such as vehicle title branding, lemon law buybacks, odometer fraud, and product recall.

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