I Am Not Certain How I Ever Survived Without My Falken Tires

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23 Apr 2013

It has always been important to me to use the highest quality parts and equipment for my car, because I love my care almost like it was one of my kids, and for this reason, I always buy Falken tires. I know it’s a bit weird, but the way that I came to really learn about and appreciate these tires all came about from a terrifying incident with a huge dog that allowed me to really study and examine these tires in up close detail.

My job had taken me into a rural area an hour away from my company headquarters where I had to investigate some claims regarding a mobile home that was really in poor shape, enough that I had a lot of trepidation as I climbed under the home to investigate. The crawl space underneath the mobile home was so filled with cobwebs and spiders, I could hardly see where I was going, but the worst part was when a huge snarling attack dog came tearing out of the back yard after me.

I got myself out of there and dashed as far away as possible, but couldn’t make it to my car and settled for diving underneath a car that was parked nearby. This car was unremarkable, but what stuck in my mind was the brand new tires that were on the car, tires that were quite plainly Falken tires and were amazing.

From my position huddled under the car, I could see that they were very well made, and noticed that the tread had an interesting pattern that looked as though it would really give a secure grip on the road. The rest of the afternoon seemed to drag on extremely slowly and I got a lot of time to examine the tires as this horrible dog kept me trapped under the car, where thankfully, it could not go.

After a long time, someone came home and saw my predicament and they put the dog back behind the fence, so I was able to crawl out and reluctantly do the rest of my inspection, even though I really just wanted to flee from the whole mess. When I got home, I actually went and bought some new tires, which lived up to their appearance and performed wonderfully, especially when I had to head down muddy roads in search of more out of the way homes and more encounters with different creatures and the occasional unhappy client.

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