Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta And The Things It Offer Its Guests

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12 Mar 2013

The ones who are adventurous enough will not mind where life takes them. When you go on trips, you normally want to stay in a place where you will be taken good care of. Moreover, you would also wish for a place with a lot of amenities that will surely entertain you. If you happen to visit Mexico, consider staying at Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta.

For those who are not aware, the residential resort property that was planned well prior to its construction is called Nuevo Vallarta in Nayarit, Mexico. The federal government made its construction possible to make a place that has many luxurious villas surrounded by tropical gardens. It is located along the largest and natural bay in the world, Bahia de Bandera.

From the airport, arriving at the resort will take at least twenty minutes. The resort is situated around the jungles of Sierra Madre Mountain sanctified by fascinating and natural beauty that has an overflowing flora and fauna. The weather in the place is typically warm throughout the year that is preferred by sun bathing fanatics.

The resort has been known as one of the best vacation spots worldwide. It is the place of the famous company called Grand Luxxe. This company has existed in the industry for 35 years and has given a lot to the socioeconomic development in the country. As a result of its success, it has branched out to other business ventures like urban and modern infrastructures, latest tourist destinations, and real estate ventures.

Early this year, a center for entertainment called Santuario was introduced by the company. It opens at seven in the morning and closes an hour after midnight. It is a unique place that offers a very cozy and special setting. The visitors of the center can make the most of the place during the day by drinking coffee and relaxing as well as drinking some extraordinary cocktails during the night.

Meanwhile, guests can be treated to a cultural presentation every afternoon where local traditions and culture are tastefully presented. There is also a ballroom floor that can accommodate dancing lessons every day. Concerts and other forms of live entertainment are also presented in the later period at night.

In Mexico, Grand Luxxe has been a famous destination for tourists to stay at ever since. Since its unveiling, guests have been enjoying its full capacity of providing luxurious services. Many of its suites and villas are popular for being the biggest compared to other resorts.

Those who stay in the resort will certainly appreciate the wonderful details such as marble flooring, rich wood furnishings, fine accents and elegant upholstery. The bathrooms are also luxuriously presented with their spa and free standing tubs. Outdoors, modern amenities consisting of private plunge pools located in balconies with butler service, big panel televisions, jacuzzi and wireless internet connection.

The Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta also have some spas as well as fitness facilities that will surely be beneficial to guests. Golf courses are also available along with a camp for kids. You will surely feel like you are in paradise if you go there.

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