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22 Feb 2013

In the 19th century, vital records were created in the United States to keep track of the cases of birth, death, crimes, marriages and divorce. Divorce records were created because there was a rapid rise in marriages that ended in different states, including New York, during that time. The New York Vital Records Office was assigned to manage New York divorce records.

New York Divorce records are considered public records which mean that anyone can access them as long as proper procedures are followed. These documents are stored at a state repository where they are kept at a state and county level. They can be used for the purpose of re-marrying or immigrating. Details about the divorce files are found at the county where the divorce was filed.

There are two types of copies of divorce records that are made available to the public and the task of issuing such copies is assigned to the State Center for Health Statistics. One is called a “Divorce Decree” and the other is called a “Divorce Certificate”, both copies are certified. A divorce decree reveals details about the terms and condition of the divorce and it is filed at county level where the decree was given. A divorce certificate basically reveals the who, when and where of the divorce. Some details that can be found in a divorce certificate includes names of the couple, date and place of divorce, petitioner’s name, respondent’s name, and addresses of the couple.

There is more than one way to get you a certified copy of the two documents. They can be obtained by going directly to courts, thru phone, fax, and the internet. Getting a copy requires a payment and New York is one of those who require a more expensive payment.

Personally going to agencies would eat so much of your time and effort. Luckily, there are commercial companies that keep vital records from different states, online. Since it is online, the process of acquiring copies of divorce documents is now more convenient and quickly done with the help of their databases.

Private records keepers gather information from multiple sources and databases to perform an accurate search result. They keep a compilation of divorce records from all states. Their database also updates when the records are also updated at their respective counties. Now you can spare yourself from all the traffic and falling in line just to get divorce records. Viewing divorce documents displayed on your computer screen are free but if you decide to download them so you can have hard copies, a small fee will be charged by the private provider.

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