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18 Jun 2013

When a couple weds in the state of Florida, an official record will be filed by the local Clerk of Court in the county where the event was held. This record must then be forwarded by the clerk to the state Bureau of Vital Statistics within a couple of months where the document will be stored permanently as a public record. The county offices are responsible for Florida marriage records that occurred before the 6th of June 1927, while every marital report that is filed since then is accessible at the state office. The Florida Department of Health oversees the Bureau of Vital Statistics, which in turn supervises the storage, maintenance, and dissemination of public records for the state.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting a copy of a particular marriage certificate, an extra copy for specific legal purposes, a brand new copy to replace the ones that have been destroyed in some unforeseen events like a fire or flood, for genealogy purposes, or simply out of curiosity, obtaining certified copies of these documents is just a matter of contacting the right agency and submitting the appropriate request forms. These days, as long as the document still exists, gathering the files you need is relatively simple and effortless.

Requesting a marital record search or getting a certified copy of a marriage certificate will cost the requester five dollars. If you apply for a year-by-year search, you will be charged an initial fee of five dollars and an additional two dollars for each succeeding year searched. If you are not sure what year the event occurred, you will need to specify in your request form the number of years you want searched. Per single transaction, you can only request a search of up to 25 years or up to a total of fifty dollars. Getting multiple copies of one document will cost you $4 each.

What will you get for your five bucks? Well, if the records are present, you will get one copy of the marriage record you requested. If it’s not available, you will get a certified letter stating that the record could not be found or it is not on file. Getting the latter result can be quite frustrating. But if the document you are trying to obtain is not available at the Bureau of Vital Statistics, then maybe you can try searching for it at the county office in the county where the event took place.

In the event where your visit to the abovementioned government offices does not yield positive results, there is one option left that you need to consider. Commercial record search websites, nowadays, are one of the most prevalent online record search tools available. They are relatively easy to use and navigate. Many of the reputable online record providers are reliable enough to yield comprehensive and accurate search results. And more often than not, they cost less compared to most government information services.

For a diminutive one-time fee, researchers can run unlimited searches in the site’s all-encompassing database of vital reports. Furthermore, a registered member will also be able to take advantage of the provider’s additional services without worrying about additional charges. Whether you are trying to view a bunch of marriage licenses or are merely attempting to access a specific vital record for a standard marital background check, you won’t have to worry about any extra charges. And since this type of service is wide-ranging, you can expect to have access to public reports from other states and US territories.

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