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28 Oct 2013

People often find themselves in situations where they need a document certified as authentic or made legal for a myriad of reasons. If everyone had to obtain a lawyer and go to court each time this was necessary, the system would be so backlogged that nothing would ever get done. That is why those who choose to perform notary services in Madison WI are very useful.

Having individuals in this position, able to handle some of the legal certification situations, takes a great deal of pressure off of the courts and allows the people to handle such business quickly and more inexpensively. Each state sets their own requirements and procedures for obtaining commission as a Notary Public. Within each jurisdiction, the duties they are allowed to perform are going to vary depending on what the granting office deems necessary.

In Wisconsin, all who receive a commission are expected to act on the state’s behalf and be an impartial, honest third party when performing the allowed actions. They are given the authority to take depositions, execute protests, verify affirmations and administer oaths. They are also granted the power to attest a certified copy after verifying the original, take acknowledgements and bear witness to signatures.

Applying one’s stamp and attestation to document gives it legal standing so the notary needs to follow procedures carefully. The identification provided needs to be carefully matched to the person is going to sign the paper. It is imperative that the official actually witness the signature being made and that any original forms being certified be present.

The process of obtaining this position is slightly varied from state to state. Quite often the people seeking these commissions have regular employment in accounting firms, banks, law offices and the like, though as long as they meet the standards, anyone is free to apply. The basic requirements are an eighth grade education or higher and a minimum age of eighteen.

One must also be able to pass a criminal background check and show that they have no record of felonies or violations of public trust misdemeanors. There is an optional online tutorial one is advised to peruse before going to the website to take the required examination, after which one must submit an application, $500 bond and $20 processing fee. The position is appointed by the Secretary of Financial Institutions and is for a term of four years.

Once commissioned one must obtain their own embossing seal or ink stamp and submit a copy to keep on file. A fee of up to $10 may be charged for each document attested and are not required to keep a journal, though it is recommended. An interesting fact is that unlike most states, Wisconsin requires that applicants be an American citizen but not necessarily a resident of either the state or the nation.

Applying for a commission to perform notary services in Madison WI is completely voluntary but holds a high level of responsibility attached. Individuals should be competent in their judgements and verifications. This position allows an individual to provide valuable assistance to those who need attestations and the like who also wish to avoid costly attorney fees.

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