Need A Bankruptcy Lawyer? Here’s How To Find One

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1 Jul 2013

When you’re faced with a legal situation, it is a very personal concern to you. You need someone who isn’t directly impacted by the situation to look at the legal aspect. These tips will help you to know how to search for a good bankruptcy lawyer who will do his best to represent you.

The work of public interest groups focuses on issues that impact the general public rather than those of a small group or specific members. It is wise to contact a public interest group near you and inquire about possible recommendations they can provide you for great attorneys. These groups can provide a variety of useful information. For instance your local housing authority may have information regarding landlord-tenant rights while a law school public interest group may be able to refer you to a general attorney working with their student body. Using the information they provide you, it is time to begin your search.

Finding a bankruptcy lawyer can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Use your resources, like Google to look for reviews about potential lawyers. Pick the ones with the best reviews and contact them through email about your case and ask for some information. Ones that send you the best information can be the most helpful. Make sure to do your research about them and if everything is satisfactory, call and schedule for an interview.

Did you check with the local post office whether they know of some good attorneys? They are the ones who deliver regular mail so they may have some very good knowledge about which attorneys have a flourishing practice.

A great bankruptcy lawyer will give you that bang for your buck, don’t you know? Of course, let’s find that special lawyer. Google search and add the following terms, ‘awesome lawyers’. You’ll notice the returned results – click a few and see where things go.

It may not be tax time, but you have to see your accountant at least once a year. An accountant likely has attorney friends or a personal attorney they use. When you are in a crunch, and you need a good bankruptcy lawyer, call your accountant for a quick reference to a great one.

A fine bankruptcy lawyer will have more focus on your case and on your comfort rather than on the money that he can make through you. Of course no one expects charity, but the lawyer must involve himself with the case with utter commitment to be able to give his best and treat you with utmost respect. It is an important mix of qualities that you desperately need.

Too much empty space in a bankruptcy lawyer’s practice may cast a negative impression about its financial health. Someone is sure to ask about empty offices or unattended space. As a tentative client, it may be wise to look for subtle signs indicating the success and well-being of the practice.

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