Memory Improvement Tips – A Picture Tells The Story

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28 Oct 2013

Everyone wants to improve their memory, whether it be to help them at work, home, or at school, memory is very important and the better you are at remembering means the more successful you will be. Because of this, many people decide to learn how to remember things better. This is a great strategy because most things we hear and learn we forget almost immediately if we do not focus on remembering. That is where this tips come into play. Whether you are preparing for a big exam or presentation, or just want to be able to remember people’s names, try incorporating these memorization tips into your daily lifestyle and see how much you start remembering.

Tip #1 Mnemonics This is a fancy way of saying that you use different senses to help you recall information. This can be done through any of the senses, but words and pictures help. Also, when you are making up your associations the more bizarre they are the better they will work. So, when you are studying long equation formulas, lists of information, and the like, come up with some other word or pictures, even phrases that reinforces this knowledge and helps you remember.

More importantly, visual images make you focus. You can’t learn or memorize if you are unable to focus. Go back to the grocery store example. You have to focus well enough to notice the gas station, pizza place, and dry cleaners, otherwise you won’t make the proper turns.As such, use of visualization techniques are one of the most powerful memory improvement techniques.How To Use Visuals To Improve Your Memory.Let’s provide an overview of how it works. First, your brain needs to be trained to associate facts and figures, like a password for example, with a visual image. That takes specific instruction and practice to make it a habit, but let’s suppose you and your brain are properly trained.

Improving our memory is not a challenge and it shouldn’t be for anyone at all, learn simple memory improvement tips. Memorization can be hard most of the time but it is possible to improve it and maintain a good memory power. I really suggest you to learn couple memory improvement tips so you can improve your memory and lifestyle. In my opinion one of the fundamental keys to a successful life is a good health and a good memory. Knowing and understanding how our body and brain works can really change the point of view we have about the way we live our lives.

Eating proteins is really important as well, so make sure you eat your steak at least once a week. Or you could go to IHop, get yourself the T-bone Steak with a salad on the side and a full cup of cold water. If that would make it easier for you, it could also work but of course homemade food is usually better and healthier.Writing down and creating a healthy diet for yourself should be the first step to a change you are willing to make in your life. It is a big step!So go grab a notebook, a pen/pencil and think about a diet that will go with you, do not forget fruits and veggies EVERYDAY!

Think of your brain as one of the most powerful muscles in your body, because in a sense it is. It may be an organ however, without it, where would one be? People spend tons of money yearly to workout in gyms, go to spas for relaxing massages, and do everything in their power to stay physically appearing young, however they fail to take the same care and consideration to the most powerful part of their body, their brain. Without exercising your brain, you will lose its powerful functioning that was the reason behind your success to maintain the job that enabled you to hit the gyms, spas, and other forms of treatments to stay looking young. That is your first tip in improving your memory, work the brain, or lose it.

Consuming fruits that are rich in antioxidants like cranberries for example, is really important for your brain as it will keep it healthy. Tuna, fish, salmon and certain sea food are also very beneficial when it comes to memory improvement. By adding fruits and vegetables to your diet you’re already taking a big step to a healthy lifestyle and leading yourself to good health. It is not hard to create your own diet. Try it!

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