Medical Lab Technician Jobs: What You Need To Know

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1 Jul 2013

The job description of medical lab technician relates to the collection and analysis of different body fluids and cells, all of which are important in the diagnosis and treatment recommendation that doctors and other medical specialists perform since it serves as basis for their decisions. An individual who plans to apply in medical lab technician jobs will first need to complete a formal training program.

The main route taken in order to become a medical lab technician is to take an Associate’s Degree Course in Medical Technology. Training programs are usually offered in vocational schools, community colleges, and select hospital facilities as well. In order to be accepted in worthwhile medical lab technician jobs, always make sure that you only enroll in accredited training programs.

General medical and surgical hospitals remain to be the top provider of medical lab technician jobs. Nowadays, most of these industries require that medical lab technician applicants have completed an accredited medical lab technician training program, particularly by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS). There are about 479 training programs accredited by the NAACLS.

It is highly recommended for an individual to apply for certification immediately after completion of his training program before proceeding with the search for medical lab technician jobs. Since the career of a medical lab technician can be very much competitive, acquiring certification can give you the edge you need. Make sure you seek certification from credible organizations such as the National Credentialing Agency for Laboratory Personnel.

There are also other important qualities one must have in order to be qualified for medical lab technician jobs. Among these include the ability to make sound analytical decisions and work amidst all sorts of pressures. Medical lab technicians also need to have top-notch problem-solving skills, ability to pay attention to detail, strong manual dexterity, normal color vision, and adequate skills in using computers.

You can also apply for higher-paying medical lab technician jobs if you choose to pursue further education and gain additional work experience. Numerous job postings are usually available online on job directory websites, or you can check websites of professional associations to check out their resources on job opportunities. Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities may also have job postings on their boards so if may be wise to check them out as well.

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