Picking a Teen Summer Camp

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9 Jul 2013

Choosing the right summer activity for a teen is often more complicated than for a younger child. Yet, the rewards can be even Greater. A teenager is in the midst of an incredible growth spurt. As parents we are always looking to increase our teens emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social Development. Teen Adventure Camp programs are a wonderful way of doing this.

Although finding the right summer program for teens is different than finding a program for a nine year old, some of the basics are the same: you still want a safe, secure, and appropriate environment. However, teenagers need and are ready for new challenges and greater independence. As your child matures, you may find that you need to reexamine your choice each year as his interests expand.

Remeber, interests, and abilities of a 13 year-old are quite different from that of a 17 year-old. So, when thinking programs, you should always keep in mind your child’s maturity. Supervision in many of the programs designed for teens is less than for younger children, so be sure to ask. One great resource is Summer Camp Advice, a free website that offers all sorts of information on how to select a summer camp.

If you’re living with a teenager, you’re living with part kid and part adult. Planning a summer program in November may be more difficult for an adolescent than a younger child, because your teenager’s interests and emotions are going through such enormous changes. However, because many good programs fill up fast, you will want to try to focus early so that you and your child have the widest range of choices.

It’s best to start your search for a Teen Summer Program is to sit down and talk with your child. Often this time together can strengthen your relationship with your teen. Help him or her figure out their interests, concerns, and values. You need to talk with your teen about what each of you want the summer to be. However, be ready to hear that they “don’t want to do anything.”

Many teen programs exist its important to try to find the best one. Sometimes you have to really look hard to find the right answer. The internet is a very useful tool for this. It is helpful to know the kind of program you are looking for: sports, serving, traveling, adventure or a little bit of each.

One of the best ways to reconcile your goals with your child’s is to piece together the summer with activities from both of your lists. Although it is more difficult and figuring things out may be more time consuming, your teen will get a broader experience for your work.

If you decide that your teen will stay at home, set up summer rules, expectation, chores, and schedules. This will be especially important and will help you in the long run.

Swift Nature Camp may be the perfect fit for your teenager. Swift Nature Camp is unique among teen summer camps in that we provide teens a special opportunity to make friends in a relaxed and fun-filled environment, to build self-esteem and independence, and to challenge themselves with new physical and creative activities. We realize teenagers want to do things for themselves and are bored by a “normal” camp. So we provide an Adventure Camp program with loads of opportunities cabins often leave camp and go out into the big open wild and see the Apostle Islands, go to the International Wolf Center or find themselves canoeing down the Mississippi River.

Remember, no Last adult ever looked back at their youth and and remembers the good old days of video games and TV!

TO learn more how to select an Summer Camp visit Summer Camp Advice. Kids Summer Camps.

Swift Nature Camp, a non-competitive, Coed Summer Camp for teenagers. Campers enjoy Adventure trips along with in camp activities: Scuba, Sailing, Skiing and more. To learn more click Minnesota Summer Camps

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