Outdoor Sports in San Jose

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10 Jul 2013

Are you prepared to get out and experience the outdoors for a change? If you're looking for something to do in San Jose, California, there are many outdoor sports in San Jose for you to experience. The city is full of recreation areas and locations for you to get out and get some exercise. Here are 5 exciting out of doors sports in San Jose to get your blood pumping.

Go Rock Climbing with South Bay Trekking Company

If you have always wished to try rock climbing, but aren't experienced, or would rather go with someone more experienced, investigate the South Bay Trekking Company. They offer led rock climbing trips around San Jose as well as hiking, trail cycling and plenty more.

Check out the Kayaking Scene with Outback Adventures

Kayaking is an enjoyable sport that provides a very good workout as well as showing you some spectacular views that can only really be seen by paddling down the brook. Outback journeys offers several trips as well as classes for people that wish to learn the sport of canoeing.

Explore History While Conquering the Hiking Trails in San Jose

There are a few hiking trails in San Jose, including the trails through Almaden Quicksilver County Park. This remote location was a famous mining center in the South Bay area in the 19th Century. Today the park includes 7 miles of hiking trails along the native chapparal and woods. Hiking the whole trail will take you about 4 hours to finish.

Become a Member of the San Jose Bicycle Club

As the winner of the 2010 Best All-round Team of Northerly California, the San Jose Bicycle Club is serious about their sport and the safety of all their members. But if you want to get involved in a great sport that offers plenty of exercise, biking in San Jose is definitely for you. The team offers one or two biking outings across the year as well as competitions where you can measure yourself against other riders. Experience the buzz of riding as you travel down the roads of San Jose and other locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. For full information about biking in San Jose and the San Jose Bike Club, check out their website.

Experience the Thrill of Mountain Biking with San Jose Mountain Biking!

If you like trail biking, but would like to have chums to ride down with, then check out San Jose Mountain Biking meetup group. SJMTB has over 450 riders and organizes regular weekend rides with a policy of no-one being left in the dust during the ride. San Jose Mountain Biking is open to riders of all talent levels. All that is needed is a love for the game. For more info about San Jose Mountain Biking, check out their site.

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