When To Look A Free Nook Gift Horse In The Mouth

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19 Apr 2013

Recent Cyber Monday deals from HP extended the offer of a totally free Nook. But the fine print suggests that free is not always free. Continue reading and learn how you can guard yourself.

Nook not necessarily free gift

When you see a deal for something free, be wary. Nothing is really free. Brian is a consumer who got a brand new Ultrabook with a free Noon e-reader as part of a Cyber Monday sale. He was trying to find a laptop and wanted the deal. When he returned the computer he decided did not work for him, HP made him pay $99 plus tax for the e-reader.

Issue seen all over

Brian is not the first consumer to see this type of problem. The customer does not get charged $99 when buying the computer though HP claimed that this is the way orders are processed. The “free Nook” was really the expense of a Nook and tax. Never believe the promotions you see.

The customer cannot get back the $106 they were charged for the promotion, and the business will not take back the free nook. An HP source said that the company will not take back the Nook or give a $106 refund for the machine.

Nook not a free purchase

Not according to HP’s fine print. The Nook was sandwiched in as part of the laptop purchase price. This data was reportedly well-hidden, but because it was publicized someplace, the consumer was bound by the terms of the transaction.

The Nook can certainly be sold at the consumer’s discretion, but it cannot be returned. Consumers should have read the fine print before expecting something entirely free.

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