Tuscan Olive Oil & the Recipes Used

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14 Feb 2013

If you look at the name of Tuscan olive oil, you’ll have a good idea of where it comes from, I am certain. It is made from pure Tuscan olives, which are plucked from the area when they are ripe. Frantoio olives, amongst others, are used in order to give this oil the purest taste that you could very well imagine. Knowing this, I’m sure you’d think that there are plenty of recipes in which they are implemented but what are the specific types to speak of?

One of the recipes that I like in regards to this oil is Tuscan-style chicken. Other ingredients are put into use as well, garlic and rosemary amongst them. The chicken should be grilled and this is because it’s made better when cooked crispier. Some people may look at this as a less intricate recipe but I’d make the argument that it’s the simpler recipes that seem to make the greatest impact, which means that I’m most definitely going to try for it again.

When talking about Tuscan olive oil and the simpler dishes that could be made with it, there are a few to consider. For instance, recipes utilizing a lesser amount of meat and greater amount of vegetables can help. Zucchini could be made with this oil in mind and a good degree of cheese has been implemented as well. The appetizer was most certainly tasty, to me, and companies like Bellucci Premium have proven to be extra useful in creating such simple yet satisfying foods.

This sort of olive oil is very much pure, considering that the most authentic of Tuscany olives are used to make it happen. This is a type of oil that you should invest in because of how many health benefits it has as well. It should also be noted that because of how healthy it is, there may not be a limit as to how much can be used but it’s good to mind them. After all, too much of one thing can eventually render people sick and tired of it.

I remember going to Newport for vacation and heading to a small village where several small shops were placed. Amongst them as a shop where different oils could be sampled and amongst them were – you guessed it – Tuscan olive oil. I can tell you, first hand, just how good it is to consume on its own, so you can imagine how well it would work with recipes. I hope that people understand the benefits because there are simply too many to discredit this.

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