Fort Collins Bankruptcy Legal Advisor Helps Hundreds In The Local Community

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20 Feb 2013

There are times that despite one’s best efforts financial problems arise. At times, it seems as if there is no way to survive the crisis. However, the law provides a solution for many individuals. A Fort Collins bankruptcy attorney can discuss the options for petitioning the court.

While it is possible to petition the courts without the assistance of an attorney for either chapter of this code, it is not recommended. The court encourages individuals to seek the help of a professional. The complexity of the code along with recent changes means the attorney is needed more today than ever.

Mistakes made in filing the petition with the court may be costly. A simple mistake might result in loss of one’s vehicle or home. Omitting information from the papers can result in criminal charges.

Even the brightest of filers will find the process to be very complex. The courts who deal with these issues daily may not always agree on the effects of the changes made in the newer codes. This fact underlines the importance of retaining a legal counsel who has a good understanding of the whole process to protect the consumer.

Many people have come up short due to the burst of the housing bubble. Homes may be foreclosed or the consumer may ask for a short sale. Either of these options often leave the distressed homeowner responsible for any debt not met by the sale. Filing a petition, either before or after the home is sold can protect the individual from wage garnishment due to a deficiency judgement.

When financial problems begin to build, the law offers help. With the help offered by a Fort Collins bankruptcy attorney one can successfully petition the court for relief. Even though money may be tight, the cost of a legal counsel can ensure filing the paperwork accomplishes what is desired through the process.

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