Kansas City Web Design Expert Looks At Smart Phone Sites

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16 Oct 2013

As a Kansas City web design firm, we try to stay on top of what Google is doing.The stark reality is, there are lots of Kansas City web-development companies which are going to lose a great deal of ranking for their clients. Google has officially announced that they will soon be penalizing websites that are not simple to use on smart phones. It is really important that your web site works the right way on smart phones. If you already have a web site that was built by the local Kansas City web design companies you’re likely going to need a restructure or an entire redesign.

You must understand that a lot of folks, whether in Kansas City or other cities, are visiting sites right from their smart-phone. Don’t get penalized by Google because your Kansas City web site design company didn’t build your site good enough to handle smart phones. This is more important than most people realize.

Website design firms in Kansas City which are using mobile websites won’t make it with Google. You see, most mobile sites are totally different than the actual website. They don’t have the same content or capabilities. This means that the mobile-website isn’t relevant to what your main site is applicable to.

Some web development firms in Kansas City have your url forward to a different url where your mobile web site is hosted.|Every instance that we have seen in Kansas City web site designers forwards the website url to a mobile-website url.|Kansas City web development firms that are utilizing the mobilesite to host the mobileweb site on a different url. This means that your website sends anyone on a smart phone to a new page on your website. You want your primary web site to function well on smart phones so you don’t need to forward visitors to a mobile website. What this means is that Google will just rank your ordinary website well.

Google is not very concerned about your business being successful on the internet. The guys at Google are striving to make sure that individuals that are using them get a really good experience. You should keep the experience of those who are seeing your site as the main concern. Visitors hate websites that don’t function nicely on their phones. Unfortunately for most businesses in Kansas City, the website designers out here just don’t understand how to correctly build websites which function well on smart phones.

People like things to be simple. Don’t end up like another customers of Kansas City website development companies we come across and get a site which is difficult for folks using smart phones to utilize. Stay ahead of the game by using up-to-date web design engineering. To be honest, if your website is actually a pain to navigate, people will likely leave it and go to your competitor. Don’t become a victim of bad website design.

Something our Kansas City web site design business does for all of our clients is put a call button on the website. People love the convenience. A lot of people that are browsing the internet on their smart phones are driving. They don’t have time to get a pencil and paper to write down your phone number. Just make certain your website has a contact button.

As Google evolves, either the Kansas City website design companies will grow with them or be left in the 90s like other website design in Kansas City that we see. The web development business that you go with, regardless of whether they’re in Kansas City or another city, must make sites that function easily on smart phones.

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