How To Maintain Your Classifieds Website And Increase Popularity

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11 Jun 2013

A lot of people have advice for how you should run your free classifieds site. Most of it simply isn’t valid. It might be great for a site running different content, but that makes it useless to you. Instead of wasting time, and possible money, on bad ideas, keep reading for some free guidelines that have been proven to actually work.

You should surf the internet to know about your competition. You should minutely observe their pages, no need of re-creating it exactly but you can take their style of writing and other matter in your own way. This will give you a way of improving your ratings on the sites.

Use email promotion, but in a thoughtful technique. Persons are already inundated with spam on a daily basis. Build email marketing around campaigns such as upcoming sales or events relevant to your clients / viewers. Use sites such as AWeber, Constant Contact or Infusionsoft for automatic responses and tracking.

If your site has a broader range of tags, this will make your site easier to find via search engines. This is pretty straight forward and obvious, but it’s really important to keep the basic fundamentals in place when building a site. People will find your site if you deploy this very easy tool!

It doesn’t matter how it’s spelled, said or thought about, spam is spam. It cannot be changed and it is typically avoided. Your free classifieds site will look bad if you follow advice given by spam businesses. Take things one step at a time to create a great website. It should have a design that looks professional and content that is high quality. Slowly, traffic will increase.

It’s important to network and make friends with like-minded people who share your niche or topic. Making connections with the right people can benefit you by increased links to your pages. The more links you have, the more traffic you can drive to your free classifieds site – so get out there and network!

There are millions of topics and forums out there. You should be able to find a few dozen forums related to your free classifieds site topic to join. Most will allow you to include a signature with a website link, check first. The link with your signature will help you gain traffic. There are databases available on big-board sites that have been divided inot categories to make it easier for you.

Feeling like you should use the same company for site hosting and registering a domain name is understandable but unnecessary. Sometimes, when you tie yourself to one company, you may miss out on the best values. It’s recommended to register your domain first, then find a host that meets your specific needs.

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