Water Heater Replacement Guidelines

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14 Jul 2013

Without a doubt, water heaters are helpful in every household. Your heating system produces enough hot water used for bathing or cleaning up. However, since it is installed in a room where somebody rarely enters in, performing maintenance is neglected until it completely breaks down. When this happens, you’re left with no choice but to replace the entire unit. Do not hesitate to call a specialist to help you choose the best unit for your hot water needs.

To save more time and money, buy a replacement unit that has the same kind of heating source with your old water heater. This is important since you already have an idea how the unit works. However, be aware of the implications and costs of the unit if you want to buy a water heater with a different heating source.

Avoid encountering issues by checking the replacement unit thoroughly. Check the pipe fittings and make sure that they match the water heater’s opening. It is easy to make new connections but doing this can affect the pipes that facilitate the correction. You may need to install a pipe or union connection to be able to attach the tube of the water source correctly.

To avoid fatal accidents, turn off the heating source of your water heater before installing or maintaining it. Make sure there are no water puddles, rust and dirt around the area where you install the new unit. When it’s time to install the fittings, it helps wrapping a Teflon tape around the threading to prevent water from leaking. Do not forget that electric water heaters and gas-fired units use different fittings for them to operate properly.

If you have a large household, look for a larger storage to tank to meet your hot water demands. It is important to consider not only the size but the heating efficiency of your new water heater. It is wise to look for a gas water heater if natural gas is cheaper than electricity within your area.

It helps buying a heater with a higher Energy Factor rating to lower the cost of your energy bill. It is important to check this label to know how much energy the unit consumes and the costs it incurs. There are lots of energy-efficient water heaters in the market that have longer warranties and more durable than traditional heating systems.

Ask help from a specialist to install the water heater properly. Remember that water heaters can convert into dangerous appliances since they have the tendency to overheat or blow up. Doing this also avoids voiding the warranty and violating city codes at the same time. Attempting to install the unit on your own can put your life at risk, without you knowing it.

If you think it’s expensive to buy a water heater rather than carrying out frequent repairs, think again. You’ll be surprised how much energy you can save by buying a more efficient heating system. Costly repairs can be too much of an inconvenience, especially if you keep on having cold waters in the morning. Always inspect your water heater regularly to detect early signs of damage. Doing this protects the walls and floors of your house, preventing molds and mildew to develop. Ask assistance from a specialist to handle all your water heater concerns in no time.

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