Texturing Drywall – Techniques For Beginners

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23 Sep 2013

Texturing drywall shouldn’t be a problem if you have a smooth and flat surface to work on. If you are a beginner, it is best to practice with drywall scraps until you perfect your technique.

For new drywalls, make sure all the seams and joints are covered with compound and smoothed over. If you are working with an existing drywall, sand it or apply a thin coating of finishing compound until the surface is smooth. Do not forget to prime the drywall to seal the drywall mud and the drywall, preventing flaps to appear.

Inform everyone in your household not to enter the room until the repair is finished. Secure the area and protect your furniture from dust by using plastic sheets or cloth as a cover. Before carrying out repairs, wear protective clothing and footwear to avoid unnecessary disasters.

For a light and simple texture, use a paint that matches your existing drywall, giving it a neat and even finish. You can use a stippling roller if you want to have a bumpy drywall texture. There are paint-on texturing materials available in your local hardware to which can be added to your paint.

Some homeowners texture their drywall with the use of hopper guns. Hoppers use an air compressor to blow the texture material through a nozzle. You can change the texture consistency, nozzle and air pressure to adjust the texture.

For orange peel and knockdown texturing, use premixed texture in spray cans. However, it is best to use this technique for small scale-repairs since it can get very costly. Keep the nozzle far from the drywall to avoid having an unnatural drywall finish.

If you want your creativity to take control, go all in for the hand-applied texturing. In this method, it is vital to get the right consistency of your drywall mud to spread it evenly on the surface area. Use different tools like taping knife and brushes to texture the wall easily.

You can always call your local drywall specialists if you need help in texturing drywall. Get some helpful tips and tricks by learning from the experts before attempting to texture on your own.

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