Tankless Hot Water Heater Replacement

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25 Aug 2013

Having a broken water heater first thing in the morning can be inconvenient. When this happens, you must be ready to take cold showers for a day or two. Have your old unit inspected by a skilled technician to know if your unit needs a repair or a replacement.

If you’ve always wanted to cut back on your electricity bill, consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient tankless water heater. This unit heats water on demand without having to insulate water all day long. Expect tankless heaters to last longer than conventional water heaters.

Tankless water heaters are becoming more popular because they heat water in an instant. No need to make space in your basement, since it’s tankless, you can stop worrying about having a flooded basement or soaked floorboards.

Since a tankless unit only consumes energy when the hot water is in use, expect your electric bill to drop in no time. Warm water will continue to run in your hot water taps as long as the heater is switched on. Water volume and temperature is rarely compromised since there is not space for a sediment buildup.

Just like the conventional units, tankless heaters come in electric or gas models. If you live within an area where electricity is cheap, consider buying an electric-powered unit instead. Enjoy the comfort of having continuous access to hot water without consuming too much energy.

Tankless units have a compact reservoir while tank-style units have larger reservoir. They come in handy whenever you need a second unit for your bathroom addition or attic conversion, without having to take too much room space.

It is important to check your water heater prior to buying a replacement unit. Let a specialist check your heater to know if the damage is beyond repair. Always have a plan in hand whenever it’s time to buy a new heater to avoid encountering problems in the future.

Ask help from a specialist to ensure proper water heater installation. Doing this keeps you and your family safe from unnecessary disasters. Attempting to replace the unit without the right knowledge can cause further damage, leading to a more costly repair.

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