Some Facts That You Must Know Regarding The Pauilownia Elongata

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13 Apr 2013

There are a lot of trees that are used in making many things that people need in living their lives. Paulownia is one of the fast growing ones that are very useful to human beings. This genus actually have nine species that are highly productive with valuable timber. The following species include paulownia elongata, tomentosa, australis, and fargessi.

The trees were reported to have originated in China wherein they were cultivated thousands of centuries before. They are very attractive and because of that they have become popular. Aside from being attractive, they are also cultivated because they can develop really quick. Moreover, their pretty leaves and also its flowers coupled with their valuable timber are also reason why they are popular.

For those people who are not aware, the paulownia that is classified as the elongata is one of the best source of good timber. It may also be classified as an emerald tree that is known for its ability to grow quickly. Its height is measured to be 20 meters after 8 until 9 years of since they are planted. Meanwhile, they may also measure 30 to forty in diameter.

One tree can produce good quality of timber. This kind is grown in China on an area that reaches 2.5 million hectares. The cultivation of the species is very common in the country in order to meet the large demand for the wood that it produces. There are many reasons why taking care of them is easier than other trees around.

The first reason is that no matter how bad the conditions of the soils are, they will still be able to survive and grow well. Aside from that, they also have the unique ability of weathering different climatic conditions because of the hybrids that have been invented. They are also best cultivated in places that suffered from landslides, burnt down woods and industrial fields that are large.

It is true that its timber is not that heavy. However, it can also be a strong one because it can possibly be subjected to treatments. Having a light color makes it ideal to blend with a variety of colors. Additionally, this material can also help in the production of rafts, paper, toys, furniture and veneer. It is also a common component in making biologic fuel.

Additionally, the timber also boasts of its ability to be air dried quickly wherein it also retains enough moisture. Its stability, which often shows when it can withstand breakage, warping and deformations. As a result, it can also be useful in making things such as surfboards, ships and caravans.

This is also an ideal materials used in the creation of many instruments that are found in Asian countries. The makers take advantage of the smooth and blemish free skin of the timber as well as its structure that consider fine. It cannot get destroyed easily by water. However, it can be destroyed by some pests as well as insects and that is why you have to take good care of them.

The paulownia elongata also helps maintain the ecological balance of the earth. It is also a good part of economics since it provides a good material in the world market. The reason of its efficiency is due to its light properties, which makes them easier to import.

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