Reduce Exposure Through Lead Paint Test Services

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27 Jun 2013

High levels of lead exposure can cause some serious health problems and on dire situations, even death. Low level of exposure may reduce a person’s IQ and result to behavioral problems, attention deficit disorder as well as reading and learning disabilities. Exposure one kids to such chemical are actually associated with a low educational achievement which makes it very important to highlight lead paint test California services to ensure safety among your family.

It was estimated that almost nineteen million homes contain lead on their painted surfaces and at least four million of which have kids residing in them. Old home are said to be more hazardous especially those that were built before 1978. Generally, an old home more likely contains such harmful chemical and the older it gets, the more hazardous it becomes.

Continuous exposure to high levels of lead may cause convulsions, coma and even death. Low level exposure on the other hand causes behavioral disorder, reading disabilities, learning disabilities, low IQ, attention deficit disorder and many more. Homeowners are encouraged to be responsible enough to protect any members of their family from such hazardous risks.

Tests will be a combination methods including water testing, dust and soil testing and surface testing. Should you want another type of testing far more superior than just plain inspection but not as extensive as surface risk assessment than hazard screen is highly important. Hazards screen tests painted surfaces as well but it focuses more on the damaged area.

There are several ways to do testing. Professionals can simply inspect the property by taking out some samples from painted walls and perform level testing. After inspecting it, professionals will make a comprehensive report on their findings providing homeowners a reliable information on whether or not they have every reason to be concerned.

A written report will be handed out to the owners, the report would most likely contain the results of course and other important information regarding their findings and if one does have something to be concerned about or not. Risk assessment testing is the second option that homeowners may consider. During such procedure, professionals will identify the amount of chemical on the walls, location and type of coating used on the walls.

There might be several agencies to choose from and it is imperative for homeowners to get the most reputable one. Reputable companies have no doubt competent skills that allow them to do their duties safely and a remarkable knowledge on the dangers associated to such chemical. Additionally, a reputable company uses equipments or techniques that have proved to give reliable results.

When homeowners are considering to request for a testing, it is imperative that they understand the different type of tests and determine ahead of time the tests which they think is necessary or more suitable for their home. For an instance, if one is residing in an old house then an inspection would only be a waste of money, skipping that part and considering a risk assessment testing is more practical.

Lead paint test California service is the only solution to keep one’s family from being poisoned with such chemical. If one is residing in an old property, do consider talking to a professional testing agency right away.

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