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12 Jul 2013

An air conditioning or HVAC unit, like any machine with electronic and mechanical parts, is vulnerable to wear and tear over a long period of time, particularly if the air conditioning repair or maintenance is not given much attention. Ideally, an air conditioning unit needs maintenance work done before the summer season begins. If an air conditioner repair or maintenance is not done appropriately, then the likelihood of it getting damage will increase to the point where contacting air conditioning repair professionals or HVAC contractors would become unavoidable. The fan, drain ports, thermostat, switch, coils, power cord, and filters should be considered when performing an air conditioning repair or maintenance. If there are problems with these key parts, consider the following AC repair guidelines before contacting AC repair professionals or HVAC technicians. Filter At the beginning of every winter season, get rid of the front grille and replace or remove the filter. If you live in a dusty area, most AC repair experts suggest you replace or clean the AC’s filter more often. Nearly air conditioner or HVAC unit come with a washable filter that appears like a sponge rubber. Clean the AC’s filter using a bleach solution and water; thoroughly wash it. Dry the filter in a few hours and install it back. There are also a variety of throwaway filter the same as that of a furnace filter. When you have this type of filter in your HVAC unit, it would be best to replace it with a new type of the same size and shape when it becomes dirty.

Power Cord Power cord connecting to your HVAC unit to the outlet, when damaged, will affect your system causing your unit not to run. To check the cord, make sure you remove the control panel. Take away the screws on the cord terminals and get a test wire to connect with it across the lead wires in your unit. Use a volt-milliammeter (VOM) and hook its set of clips to the RX1 scale to the prongs of the plug. When the meter gives you zero, it means that the cord is fine. If it’s greater than zero, you should replace the cord.

Condenser and evaporator coils

Most air conditioner repair contractors or HVAC contractors recommend that you should clean the air conditioning or HVAC unit’s condenser and evaporator coils at the beginning of the winter season and once a month during the season. However, if your area is quite dusty, you are required to clean the coils more often. You may use a vacuum cleaner on these components.

If you notice that the coils got curves, straighten them with a fin comb which can just be bought at appliance stores. A fin comb is intended to slide into the spaces between the coil’s fins. However, you should use it cautiously because the fins are made from light-gauge aluminum and can be easily damaged. Switch Switch plays an essential role in your system as it turns the whole unit moving when turns “ON.” If the unit doesn’t run at any setting, and it is receiving electricity, then chances are the switch is damaged. To fix the problem, remove the control panel and find the switch. Inspect the switch terminals for burn marks or burnt insulation on the terminals. If you observe any signs of burning, you should replace the switch with a new one of the same type. Switch is hooked to the control panel tightened with screws; unscrew it and attach the new one the same way. However, if all else fails, you should not hesitate to contact HVAC professionals.

Drain Ports As the air conditioning unit functions, condensed water vapor and moisture from the evaporator coil are passed through drain ports or an opening between the partition in the middle of the condenser coil and the evaporator coil. During this process, the fan blows away the moisture against the coil.

When doing an AC repair or maintenance, examine the drain ports for dirt. Dirt can block the drain ports, which causes the water to leak from the appliance, typically through the base of the grille. To avoid clogging, you should clean the ports using the blade of a pocketknife or a short piece of wire hanger. Do this cleaning method in a regular basis starting from the time when the winter season starts. When done, examine the condenser side. Some models of air conditioner come with drain ports placed at the bottom edge of the cabinet frame. If your air conditioning unit has this drain port, you should clean it out when cleaning the other ports.

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