How To Create Funny Parenting Blogs

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19 Oct 2013

To those people who are actually planning to make funny parenting blogs, the ones who can be called experts in this field are those who are already taking care of the child past their potty training stage. Until the mother is already used to the diaper changing stage, which is usually around a year, then it is possible to make expert comments on a blog.

It is a good thing to consider the content of the blog post that one publishes online. Just make sure that it will not focus on poop and pee regularly. Also, avoid focusing on how the child talks or treats this topic. The blog should have the right amount of humor and at the same time help for the parents who are taking charge of their growing kids.

Speaking of category, it is only appropriate to look for the right category where the said blog will be categorized. There are numerous categories out there and one should write accordingly. Since this blog is all about how humorous it is to be a parent, then the category is really appropriate.

For the blog post, the person should make sure to check on the spelling of the words used on it. To make sure that the spelling is correct, what the person needs to do is to spell check it. Also, consider the punctuations that one uses for the sentences and paragraphs. Make sure that the punctuation makes the flow of the entire content smoother.

There are some phrases that are appropriate to use and some that are not. Do not just use those common phrases that will describe one’s life. If possible, make use of some unique phrases that will identify the person’s life as a parent. The phrases may range for highfalutin ones to just simple ones.

There are also those people who use their blog so that they can talk about the horrible things that come with being a parent. If this is the case, they should know that this is not the kind of category that the blog should belong to. There are other categories one can use for such a blog nowadays.

It is also natural to put in a review about some baby products one uses for the child. However, doing this all too regularly will change the entire nature of the blog that the person is making. If this is the case, then it is more appropriate to put the blog under reviews and giveaways category.

There are also some funny pictures about parenting that one can easily find online. If one just collects them and posts them on his or her blog, then that is not blogging. Blogging is writing about stuff. Of course, it is another matter for those bloggers who are using pictures that they have captured all on their own.

Posting the every day picture of one’s kids on the blog does not make one a blogger. It is more like the blog is that of a family life one. Put the said blog in this category instead. This is more appropriate than listing this blog together with the other funny parenting blogs available in the Internet these days.

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