Hot Water Heater Replacement Guide

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26 Aug 2013

According to a study, a water heater rank as the third most-used appliance in every household. Keep it in its tip-top shape by maintaining it on a semi-annual basis. Performing regular maintenance prevents you from spending too much money on repairs. Consider buying a replacement right before it completely breaks down. Doing this gives you more time to do research and shop for a suitable water heater for you and your family.

There are several factors to consider if your water heater needs to be replaced. Have you been using it for more than a decade? An aging unit will eventually heat water inefficiently that can cause a great inconvenience to you and your family. Ask help from a specialist to determine if you need a timely water heater replacement.

Prior to inspecting your unit, always make sure to turn off the electricity or gas to the water heater. This is important to protect you from fatal accidents while checking the heater. Water heaters can pose serious dangers, especially if not handled correctly. Avoid putting your life at risk and take safety precautions before proceeding.

Gas-fired units usually last for eight to twelve years. On the other hand, electric water heaters last for about fifteen years. Buying a modern and energy-efficient unit can save you hundreds of dollars when it comes to your energy bill. If you want a more durable heating system, look up the latest tankless water heaters out in the market.

If your water starts to get rusty and smell bad, it is probably time to buy a replacement. This happens when the sediments inside get too heavy for the tank to handle. You must attend to this problem right away to protect your family from ingesting contaminated water. Take note that this water is filled with harmful bacteria and chemicals, which can lead to serious health complications. It’s wise to buy a replacement unit before it’s too late.

Your water heater might be leaking once you detect signs of moisture near the base of the unit. Check your valves and pipes if you see water puddles around it. Stop the water from leaking by tightening the fittings and secure them into place. Replace badly damaged pipes and valves to avoid affecting other areas of your heater.

Consider the benefits of buying a tankless water heater since a lot of homeowners prefer this kind of heater than the traditional ones. This unit heats water on demand, without having to insulate a huge storage tank in your basement. These heaters may cost more buy can eventually help you cut back on your electric bill.

Deciding when to replace a water heater is important. You don’t want to commit the mistake of buying a new unit too soon, especially if the issue can still be repaired. If you find the damage beyond repair, it is better to replace it as soon as possible. When in doubt, ask professional advice from a specialist.

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