Effective Tips In Patching Drywall

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19 Sep 2013

It is definitely an art to learn how to patch drywall flawlessly. This task requires both persistence and patience if you want to have a smooth and even surface after performing the repair. Prepare all your tools and materials beforehand once you have decided to work on your own.

Always take safety into account by wearing protective glasses, gloves and footwear before carrying out repairs. Wear a dust mask to avoid inhaling dust particles during the repair. Protect your furniture from dusting by using plastic sheets or cloth for cover.

First thing to do is prepare the damaged area. If you are repairing a large hole, remove any torn paper edges on the surface. This is essential for the joint compound to bond strongly, making it easier to flush with the wall.

Remove the damaged area with a taping knife by cutting a square around it. Attach backing frames on both sides of the panel to secure it into place. Several frames are needed if you are performing a large-scale repair. Before drilling joists, make sure there is no electrical wiring behind the wall to avoid accidents.

Patch the replacement drywall and attach it to the back frame with screws. Keep in mind that all the nail heads should be below the surface. This will make it easier for the compound to conceal all the screws and seams.

Use a fiberglass mesh tape to cover the seams since paper tapes require a lot more skill to install properly. Lay the mesh tapes directly over the seams and conceal the tape pieces with a thin amount of joint compound to smoothen the surface.

Once the first coating is dry, apply a thin coating of drywall mud until it sets. Sand the mud and flush it with the existing drywall for an even surface. Experts usually wipe the mud lines with a wet sponge to conceal the repaired area. If you are satisfied with the surface and the texture has been sanded, prime and paint.

Do not hesitate to ask help from the experts if you think you cannot handle patching the drywall on your own. They have more experience in dealing with drywall issues of all kinds. Take immediate action as soon as the drywall cracks open to avoid costly repairs in the future.

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