Clean Your Carpet Like A Professional

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25 Oct 2013

There’s only so much a vacuum cleaner can do, and every so often, usually about 12-18 months, a carpet is in need of a heavy-duty cleaning. What if you’ve decided to forgo hiring a professional service to clean your carpet and just get your own hands dirty? Often times, it’s cheaper to just rent a steam-cleaning machine and do the work yourself than to hire a team of cleaners. Before you decide on which model of steam cleaner you’ll rent, you’ll want to do some research to ensure that the machine will clean your carpet adequately without damaging it. There are a few things that should be considered when you’re DIYing a carpet cleaning.

People have to know that renting a steam-cleaning machine can help save you money in the long run and are just as effective as hiring professionals to do the same job. Steam cleaning is the most commonly-used carpet cleaning method as it is most effective at sanitizing and removing unwanted stains seeded deep in your carpet. You can find these steam-cleaning machines in a variety of sizes from portable units to larger, truck-mounted versions. How these machines work is that they spray a mixture of hot water and detergent into the carpet and pull it out and into the machine’s holding tank with a powerful vacuum.

Because you want to ensure the cleaner you rent has adequate suction you will want to avoid renting at grocery as well as other retail stores who do not specialize in carpet cleaning services and equipment. Only professional companies who specialize in these types of rentals offer the very best equipment that will get a tough job done in a professional manner. A quality carpet cleaning machine should suck out enough water where the maximum drying time is less than or equal to only 12 hours. As long as the cleaner you rent has the appropriate suction, you and your carpets should be in the clear, not to mention very clean. As long as you rent the right equipment that has enough suction (a major requirement as the cleaner needs to remove as much of the solution as possible to promote drying) the only risk you do face is minimized

Any time your carpet gets wet there is a small danger of moisture damage. This is only an issue if the carpet stays wet for an extended amount of time, generally over a day. If a carpet is left too wet for too long of a period, it can cause a number of complications, including growth of mold and bacteria. It could also potentially cause some physical damage to the carpet itself by warping the backing or causing the fibers to split.

If your carpet’s specifically stain resistant, you need to be extra careful to not damage the coating that affords it this property. There are specifically designed products that will clean these types of carpets. You also want to avoid using potent chemicals, such as bleach and silicone-based solutions, as these can easily discolor your carpet.

As long as you take the proper steps before going int o a Do-It-Yourself carpet cleaning project, you can be sure that it the process will leave your carpet nothing but clean and pretty.

Cleaning a carpet can breathe new life into the floor of your home, but if it’s full of holes or is wrinkled due to faulty installation, it won’t look its best. Nip & Tuck Flooring offers carpet stretching and repair in Denver CO, and would be happy to help make your carpet look brand new again!

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