A Man’s Home Is His Castle – Be Sure To Defend It

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19 Sep 2013

If someone mentioned “home security” your mind would likely snap to the multitude of companies that provide alarm systems for residences. While these systems are an effective step in keeping out would-be invaders, they’re not quite enough on their own. This article discusses some of the other measures you can take to make sure your castle isn’t breached.

A key aspect of keeping burglars out of the home is good windows. Homes with subpar windows are victims of break in far more frequently than homes with quality windows. A decent window is sturdy and durable, and all the locks function properly and are the correct proportions to the rest of the window and sill. Before you go to bed or leave the house, be sure to always make sure the windows are shut and locked properly, even the ones that are seemingly out of reach. A determined thief won’t be turned off by heights when he sees an opportunity.

The second biggest opportunities for any thief are the doors. A good door should be well-built and strong, with locks that can’t be brute-forced open. As common sense would dictate, be sure to lock up whenever you step out, even if it’s just for a short time. If you keep a spare key outside your home, make sure it’s well hidden. Losing your keys in a public place can also put you at risk of a break in, especially if there’s any mention of your address on your key ring.

Many families, especially ones who aren’t home that much, invest in a surveillance network for their home. These systems can record video for later viewing, or sometimes stream it to a computer or phone to keep an eye on your place remotely.

Although certainly not for everyone, a well-trained guard dog is a proven and time tested security measure. Simply owning a large dog can be enough to dissuade potential burglars from coming near your home. Even if they’re not trained or equipped to defend your family directly, they’ll more than likely bark at perceived threats and give you ample warning. The biggest con is the care and time that comes with owning any kind of animal.

Finally, we’ll talk more about the aforementioned alarm systems. A good alarm can be successful to a degree, but their primary benefit is simply to scare off potential intruders. Displaying an alarm system prominently outside your home often means that thieves won’t even bother trying to break in. But although this can be an effective tactic, burglar alarms on their own aren’t enough to ensure that your home remains a safe, secure environment for you and your family. Be sure to take every precaution you can to stay secure.

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