3 Reasons Why More People Are Setting Up Rain Collection Systems

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17 Jul 2013

As a growing number of people are interested in gathering rainwater, companies are developing easy-to-use rainwater collection systems that owners can install in minutes. In fact, some rain barrels are so good at hiding unsightly areas and developing attractive focal points that property owners are purchasing them for more than just rainwater harvesting.

Today’s contemporary rain barrels have a number of attributes that are appealing to homeowners. Firstly, they are easy to install and use. Second, they are attractive to look at and can actually improve the look of a backyard. Third, for all of the value they provide, they are actually not that pricey. Below, we’ll talk about the particular benefits to each.

They are Easy to Set up and Use

This element is important, particularly for people new to rainwater harvesting. The ease and simplicity of this task is a big reason why a lot of individuals are brought in to developing a rainwater collection system. When buying a decorative rain barrel, the first thing a person will most likely discover is how light-weight they are. Although many are designed to resemble a clay pot, wine barrel or wooden planter, these items are in fact made of a really durable molded plastic that is also light-weight. For that reason, these rain barrels are much simpler to transport and move around.

There are also numerous rain barrel kits which include all of the materials you need to collect rainwater, including a mesh screen to keep debris out, a spigot to release the water and a hose for nearby watering. Some can be put directly underneath a downspout, or a diverter kit can be purchased to direct the water from the gutter to the rain barrel.

They Improve the Appeal of a Person’s House.

Although made of sturdy plastic, decorative rain barrels closely resemble genuine wood barrels, clay pots and wood planters. Some have an area at the top where you can grow plants, adding extra charm to your outdoor decoration.

The elegant design of these rain collection systems can easily improve the appearance of a house’s exterior, adding character and interest to otherwise dull spaces. Including several matching upscale pieces into a home’s surroundings can create a constant design throughout, making a home look more expensive.

When additions to a home boost it’s value, they essentially pay for themselves. This is a factor to think about when purchasing a rain barrel system.

They Are Affordable.

For the benefits they deliver and the style that they can contribute to a house, decorative rain barrels and vertical rain gardens are remarkably low-cost. There are numerous models which contain all of the attributes discussed above for under $200.

These items additionally allow homeowners to grow natural herbs, keep bugs away as well as use them as a birdbath in addition to collecting rainwater in style.

Today’s stylish rain barrel gardens offer numerous benefits to homeowners. Find out more here: http://prlog.org/12174278-rain-barrels-that-do-more-than-collect-rainwater.html

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