How To Lose Your Muffin Top Fast

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30 Jun 2013

Being a young woman, we tend to try out all the brand new fads and routines out there, but traditional, multi-muscle exercises like leg squats, pull-ups, and pushups work because they force you to use multiple muscle groups at once. The more muscles you power up, the more weight you’ll cut and in a shorter time! I know I dislike some of these workouts too; nevertheless, if you’d like rapid results get back to the basic principles. The best thing is you can do these exercises anywhere using very little equipment and your own body weight.

The so-called muffin top is the overgrown flesh that spills over the waistband of jeans. This excess abdominal weight coupled with tight, low-rise pants creates a “muffin top,” which you might find uncomfortable and unappealing especially during swimsuit season.

Follow our 3-step muffin top method for around 30 days:

1. Make use of the Mother Earth Rule: If your food doesn’t come from a mom or the planet, don’t eat it! I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a Doritos tree! Eating unhealthy foods creates chaos with hormones, which dictate your metabolic process. Aim for a whole foods lifestyle – 80% plant based & 20% animal based. Improve weight-loss as well as energy levels by drinking a green healthy smoothie several mornings per week for breakfast.

2. Create an ab workout 3 days/week to strengthen tone and tighten abdominal and core muscles! As opposed to popular infomercials, you’ll not eliminate that muffin top with a gazillion crunches. HIIT workouts provide you with fat loss and resistance-based exercises will quicken the final results.

3. Again, use the Mother Earth Principle: In case your food item doesn’t originate from a mom or the earth, don’t eat it! I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a Doritos tree!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one the most effective exercises to offer you the results you want in the least period of time. Select a HIIT routine that can assist you shed fat and tone up over-all. Try our 4-minute fitness routines. HIIT is not for everybody and we advise this type of workout 3 times/week. Obtain a physician’s approval before taking part in this kind of workout. HIIT should be overwhelming, if you’re breathing heavy, sweating, and have muscle burn, then you’re working out hard enough.

Make sure you warm-up 3-5 minutes before the workout and cool-down with light strolling and stretching for five minutes post work out. So, are you ready to work really hard? We know you can do hard things because you now have many times throughout your life. Have you ever given birth, been married, gone to school, or commenced a different job? Then you could handle intense for 4-minutes!

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