A Quick Look At The Giesee Sun Self Tanning Lotion

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12 Sep 2013

Giesee Sun Self Tanning Lotion is ideal for those who like to get a glorious tan without sunbathing. It’s also recommendable for people who refuse to constantly step foot inside expensive salons. This at-home solution provides instant results, allowing you to show off a sun-kissed glow immediately. More importantly, the color achieved appears natural and lasts for days.

Before you think about sunbathing, consider the kind of damage your skin gets from it. While it will give you that highly desirable complexion, it also makes your skin very dry. As a result, some people may think that you are older than you really are. Giesee Sun Self Tanning Lotion, on the other hand, contains aloe vera and a few other botanicals for hydration.

Sunbathing puts you at risk of developing skin cancer. In moderation, exposure to UV rays is actually good for the health as it is essential for vitamin D production. But too much of it can cause the formation of deadly cancer cells. By going for Giesee Sun Self Tanning Lotion, you end up with the same results as sunbathing but without the involved hazards.

Upon application, Giesee Sun Self Tanning Lotion yields results right away. This immediate effect also helps you apply the product evenly throughout the body for a more natural-looking tan. The manufacturer explains that the color will intensify further in about 3 hours. Using the product spares you from heading out of your home to hang out at the beach or poolside for hours.

The active ingredient found in Giesee Sun Self Tanning Lotion is called DHA. This chemical which is actually a type of sugar is also the same thing used by most at-home solutions for attaining an instant tan. When DHA gets into contact with the dead cells on the skin’s topmost layer, it darkens. The deepest color provided becomes evident a few hours after application.

There is no need to constantly apply Giesee Sun Self Tanning Lotion because the tan effect lasts for days. It will gradually fade as the dead skin cells are naturally sloughed off. Re-applying Giesee Sun Self Tanning Lotion may be done when you notice that the color has already lightened. Right away, you can regain that gorgeous sun-kissed complexion.

Giesee Sun Self Tanning Lotion comes in three variants. You may choose the deep tan, moderate or light formulation to enjoy the results you want to achieve. The product’s manufacturer also offers a few other solutions that are for home application. Some of its offerings include exfoliating gel for the body, color accelerator, and tan maintaining cream.

Giesee Sun Self Tanning Lotion offers other perks than just giving you a bronzed complexion. As mentioned earlier, it also has botanical ingredients that help keep the skin stay hydrated and supple. It’s clear that using this product is incomparable to sunbathing as it does not leave you with premature aging signs as well as put you at risk of ending up with skin cancer.

Buying Giesee Sun Self Tanning Lotion is friendlier to the pocket than constantly going to the salon for a darker complexion. There are numerous boutiques which sell the product. However, it comes with a cheaper price tag on the internet.

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