Truth About The Aromatic Kopi Luwak Coffee

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8 Aug 2013

Being the most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak, many people are concerned more about its production more that its uniqueness. The process and production of the coffee is quite different from the conventional ones as it is produced through mongoose or civet stool. When the animal feeds on the coffee berries, they are not digested and appear in the stool where the mature berries are collected for preparation of the civet coffee.

The mongoose or civets are known eat the coffee berries and since their digestive systems are not well developed; the berries are passed through to the stool more mature. These berries are collected and separated from the animal waste and prepared for processing and packaging in to the favorite civet coffee that you drink.

The process of the berries passing through mongoose or civet digestive system is what makes civet coffee premium. Due to the maturity of the berries, the quality makes it stand out. Getting the ready processed berries is not that easy and that is the reason why the quantities in the market very rare. The mongoose or civet digestive system does not destroy the beans since they are encased in their hard cuticle.

A single civet or mongoose waste yields several grams of processed berries which are then collected to produce this high quality and aromatic civet coffee. When the berries pass through the animals’ digestive system, they are fermented since the whole process takes around 10-hours to complete. During the digestive process, the proteolytic enzyme seeps into the berries thus working as natural additives to the coffee. This natural additive adds the coffee quality and making it one of the most expensive coffees.

The best thing about this civet coffee is that it is naturally produced and zero value addition in terms of preservatives or chemicals. The downside of the coffee is the price and many ordinary coffee lovers cannot afford it. This coffee is produced in the Philippines and Indonesia though people in other countries are starting civet and mongoose farming.

What makes Kopi Luwak coffee distinctive is the taste and aroma and you cannot compare it with your normal cup of coffee. The unusual processing and fermentation through the mongoose digestive system does not augur well with some coffee lovers. The levels of bacteria in the coffee are quite low compared to the normal coffee.

Due to the uniqueness of civet coffee, there is increased demand across the world. In fact, the demand is so high that people are looking in to ways of increasing production to fill the gap. Just like any other beverage in the market, civet coffee is a luxurious drink and due to it being rare, its market value keeps rising.

More and more people are turning to civet and mongoose keeping thus boosting civet coffee production. Most of the importers of Kopi Luwak coffee are the Koreas, United States of America and Japan. Currently half a kilogram of civett coffee goes for $227 depending on availability.

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