Important Facts About Proper Dining Etiquette

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8 Jun 2013

The rules and conventions that guide us during evening meals are the dinning prescript. The sole purpose of these rules and convention is to ensure social and professional behaviors are regulated. This goes a long way in ensuring that everybody at the eating place feels comfortable. When people abide by such rules and keep certain standards, they have the confidence that they are doing the right thing. Though bad dinning prescript does not attract any punishment, friends may not be amused. People should learn the proper dining etiquette to avoid embarrassment.

At the dinner table some manners should be observed. For instance it seems unfit to have your phone on and make and receive calls. If the circumstances are unavoidable, it is recommendable to pardon yourself and leave the table. The phone should be in the vibrating mode. Text messaging is also unfit at the dinner table. If you have to text, it is advisable you leave for the washrooms and for you to do that.

In a situation where you arrive at the dinner table before everyone, do not start eating pre-set foods such as appetizers. You should wait until all the other people have arrived and have taken their seats. Say hi to the people at the dinner table probably with a handshake smiling at them.

When everybody is set, the first step to follow is place the napkin on your lap. With some fanfare unfold it, the half way fold it to place it on your lap. When in the dining place, smoking is illegal. Relax and assume a good posture. The hand should be placed on the edges of the table or on the laps when not eating. You should manage your elbows as it is a bad gesture to place them on the table.

At times you may sneeze. In case that happens, grab a tissue on your way out of the room. Never blow your nose near the eating place especially on the napkin. Wash your hand for purposes of good hygiene as you come back to the dining room. As you cough cover your mouth with your napkin to stop any chance of spreading germs. You may excuse yourself to the washrooms, and as you return to the table have your hands cleaned.

Ladies should not place their purses on dining tables. If they are small enough, place them on your lap, and if they are large, place them on the floor under your chair. Do not place them on the isle where they can accidentally trip someone. Combing your hair at the table is unacceptable thing. These take effect on putting on lipsticks or make up too. All that should be done in the rest rooms.

While in the eating place, eat only when the host has started eating or when the host request you to do so. If you are chewing gum at the dinner, excuse yourself to the rest rooms and remove it. Gum chewing is bad manners in the eating place.

While pulling the chair for the lady is acceptable in social occasion, for business and diner it would be imprudent. So that should not take place in the dining room. After the meals, avoid staking the plate on top of the other or pushing them. It is advisable you let the serving personnel do their work. These considerations are crucial since they enhance proper dining etiquette.

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