A Gourmet Pasta Sauce With Pesto

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8 Oct 2013

Pasta dishes are among some of the easiest to make in the world of culinary arts although they are also known to be one of the best tasting types of foods. Of course making a gourmet pasta sauce for a gourmet style dish is quite a different story simply because it takes a little bit more skill to make. Now if one would want a simple way of making a gourmet dish, then this recipe is for him.

Now for the ingredients, all one would be needing would be some basil leaves, some mushrooms, a few cloves of garlic, and the pesto spread. The first thing that one would need to do would be to chop up the garlic and the mushrooms into smaller pieces. Also, one must make sure to wash the ingredients well.

When all the cutting and slicing is done, then the next task would be to heat up the frying pan by letting it stay on the fire for a while. After that, add a little bit of olive oil on the pan and circulate it around. When the entire pan is filled with the olive oil, take the chopped garlic pieces and put it on the pan.

Once the garlic is already dumped into the pan, then one should now just saute the garlic until the color becomes somewhat gold or brown. After the sauteing is done, then take the plate of chopped mushrooms and also dump it there into the pan. From there, one should just saute the mushrooms until the fragrance comes out.

Once the mushrooms are already okay, then the next thing to do would be to put in some of the basil leaves in. Now take note that if the basil leaves are in the pan too long, then they will become all shriveled up and will lose most of its taste and texture. So always remember not to cook it for too long.

Once everything has already been mixed together, then one can add some of the pesto spread on to the pan. If he wants his dish to really have a strong taste, then he should put a lot of pesto spread. Conversely, if he would want it to be a little more bland, then he has to put less pesto spread so that the taste will not be as strong.

After mixing all of the ingredients together, then add a bit of water to make the dish not dry. From there, one may now mix the already made sauce with the cooked pasta. In order to add more fragrance and flavor to the dish, it is better to add another part of olive oil into the mixture.

So if one would want a recipe for a gourmet pasta sauce with using pesto, then here is a very simple recipe. If one would want to add a little bit of flavor to the dish, then he may actually add either pine nuts or walnuts on to it. Now if one would want an extra kick to the dish, then he may actually add some chili flakes so that it is a little spicy.

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