Why Khan And Collection Services Is A Mistaken Pairing

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18 Jun 2013

Even though “Star Trek” in terms of television shows has gone past my attention more than a few times, I will say that the new films have managed to entertain me. I enjoyed what I have seen from them because they’ve displayed so much in the way of action as well as scope, both qualities tied into the franchise. What was not changed, though, was the cast of characters aside from actors and actresses. Khan may be a notable villain but he wouldn’t make an effective tandem with collection services.

Yes, “Star Trek” was not the kind of franchise that I had watched much of when I was younger. That being said, I admire what it had done for the realm of science fiction and one would be wrong to dispute its impact. This show had many worlds to discover and I think that it had helped that you had a reason to appreciate each of the characters with one episode after another. Anyone should be able to agree with the impact it has made on the world.

First and foremost, it’s important to state why collection services are talked about so highly. Consider agencies like Rapid Recovery, which understand the many rules associated with this line of work. Each of them should be followed and there has to be a sense of moral ground put into place in order to make this the most effective practice as humanly possible. Now, I am sure that fans of the franchise will be able to answer this: do these sorts of ideas fit Khan in any way?

I believe the first true exposure that I had to Khan – and this is embarrassing to say – was through the latest film, “Star Trek: Into Darkness.” However, I felt like the representation of the character was very good, since there was a reason as to why he acted the way that he did. He had an entire crew that was frozen and he was ready to reclaim them. However, that did not stop him from showcasing his savagery during certain points and this was when he was most dangerous.

I don’t care how many human traits they attempt to give Khan; he’s still one of the most regarded villains of sci-fi. He was to “Star Trek” what Darth Vader was to “Star Wars” in terms of savagery and this was seen in a couple of ways. It was clear that he was able to hold his own if matters became too physical but his ability to outwit others with cunning seemed even scarier. I’m sure that kids back then – and even today – shuddered at the thought of this character.

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