A Zombie-Infested World: Do Collection Services Have A Place?

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21 Jun 2013

Imagine this scenario, if you will: you’re in the middle of arguably the biggest warzone imaginable after an outbreak has occurred. It seemed like the ratio of living humans to undead beings leans favorably towards the latter. Of course, there has to be a way to fight off this threat, or at least defend oneself against it. You may be happy to know that there are fashions worth taking up and collection services may find their way into the mix, depending on which category we’re talking about.

I think that if you’re going to go up against zombies, you have to make certain that there’s a litany of weapons at your side. You want to make sure that you’re working with firearms but I’m sure that there will be those who are more daring, utilizing close-range items as well. I’ve seen enough of zombies in the media, though, to realize that such utilities are not exactly inexpensive. I can imagine that there’d be a payment plan in place over an extended length of time.

What if you’re working as a bodyguard of sorts to help out a number of individuals who are unable to fight for themselves? It’s clear that you have to work hard in order to protect yourself but what about others who you are paid to look after? It’s the kind of service that is worth charging money for, in my opinion, and you have to make sure that said money is dealt upfront. You don’t want to be the target of debt, so it seems like this method is as secure as they come.

You can only imagine how helpful collection services would be in this regard. I’m sure that, when the world is such a state, people may not remember to pay off what they owe or simply do not care about making them when they should. This can cause problems, which is putting it mildly. I’m sure that there would be a world of use for agencies along the lines of Rapid Recovery, if this kind of scenario existed, and it would be a mistake to not take them into consideration.

To say that zombies are entertaining in the media would be something of an understatement. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about video games, on-screen performances, or what have you because they all seem varied. It’s apparent, though, that they possess senses of danger and a world where these seem to be running rampant may not be as exciting in the real world as it is in fiction. Keeping money intact is important so that thriving in this type of world is made that much easier.

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