Some Helpful Ideas For Healthy Nails

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20 Jul 2013

Each of the beauty conscious women out there who have beautiful, well-groomed and healthy nails take utmost proper care with their nails. Those hateful pounds make regular appointments with beauty parlors and obtain manicure done often for that repair of healthy nails whereas others make use of a few simple tricks to maintain their long-lasting luster. If you need remedy to discoloration, fungal infection or ridges and want the gleam of your nails back then given here are several methods for you.

Maintaining Healthy Nails by Eliminating Nail Fungus Infection:

Nail infection include the worst enemies of healthy nails. In order to eliminate your nail fungus effectively then you should utilize tea-tree oil. Applying a single drop of tea-tree oil for the discolored nails either maybe once or twice a day helps a great deal to fight nail fungus. It is best to work with this prescribed anti-fungal medicine after shower while the skin of your respective nail is hydrated and quite a few tender.

Also, you can even avoid the expansion of nail fungus by clipping the cuticles of your respective nails because removing the cuticle of your respective nails means removing the protective fence of your respective nails. If your cuticles of the nails are removed, fungus and bacteria began to grow and thrive. So, instead of removing the cuticles of your respective nails you must push rid of it properly.

Essential Fatty Acids for Healthy Nails:

If your nails are fragile or should you suffer from the challenge of flaking then you need to incorporate fatty acids in your diet. Fatty acids are found in oily fishes like trout and salmon and flax seeds. If you’re vegetarian then you need to take a minimum of one tbsp. of flax seed oil each day. You can use it for dressing your salad. Alternately, it is possible to sprinkle some fresh flax seeds about the daily cereal which you take and so on your salad. Primrose oil is also an excellent source of fatty acids. White spots in nails depict zinc deficiency. Consuming a lot of pork, beans, nuts, eggs and sea foods containing zinc works inside the repair off healthy nails.

Take Vitamin B for Stronger and Healthy Nails:

Taking biotin or Vitamin B thrice every day with the meals are a sensible way to maintain healthy nails. Biotin can be useful for strengthening keratin which is a nail protein. So, if you’ve got the problem of weak and brittle nails you must take biotin often for around 6 months. You’ll find different food sources that contain biotin like nuts, rice or barley etc. You’ll be able to consume biotin also available as nettle tea a few times every day.

Hydration and Protection for Healthy Nails:

In case your nails are dry and brittle then you should moisturize them at regular intervals. This can be accomplished by making use of white petroleum jelly or another good moisturizer. That apart, you must placed on vinyl gloves when you do dishes. Most significantly, don’t use acetone or formaldehyde based nail polish removers that may damage your nails. Acetate-based nail polish removers are safer.

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