The best ways to Overcome Adrenal Fatigue Making use of Natural Treatments

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28 Feb 2013

It is really irritating to go to a doctor in standard medicine and have him inform you that there is “absolutely nothing wrong” with you. He could even go as far as to insinuate that you might be suffering from hypochondria, creating the signs for yourself.

Fortunately some examinations could be done to give an indication regarding whether you are suffering from adrenal fatigue. Among the quickest and easiest approaches is to go to a skilled specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine and have him do a “reading of the rhythm”. Essentially he will place 3 fingers over your pulse, in correspondence to specific “energy meridians”. By varying the pressure in these particular spots he will be able to diagnose the state of health of all the bodily organs. The doctor will be able to tell you that the adrenal glands are malfunctioning when he finds anomalies on the “kidney yang”. The disadvantage to this kind of examination is that the professional must be experienced and it is not always easy to know if he is.

An additional test that can be done is the blood pressure test in 3 various positions. Firstly take a baseline blood pressure whilst in the sitting position. Then lie down and take the blood pressure a 2nd time. Finally stand up quickly and take the blood pressure once again. If the drop is higher than 20mm on the previous reading, this can be an indicator that you suffer from adrenal fatigue. Due to the fact that you may swoon when you stand up, it would be advisable if this test could be done by a physician. Also, a doctor will use the appropriate sphygmomanometer and stethoscope which are much better for this examination than electronic apparatus.

A 3rd test requires the use of a flashlight and a mirror. Because the pupils fail to contract effectively, essentially the eyes become extremely sensitive to light when you are suffering from adrenal fatigue.

To check if this is happening to you, you must allow your pupils to dilate fully by staying in the dark for a minimum of ten minutes. Once this time has elapsed, you could look into the mirror and shine a flashlight in from the side. This is generally a sign of adrenal fatigue if your pupils hesitate to contract or appear unable to hold the contraction. You could ask somebody to help you watch the pupils as you could be tempted to close your eyes when you shine the light. You could ask somebody to help you watch the pupils as you may be tempted to close your eyes.

As far as adrenal fatigue treatment goes, there are many natural supplements that can help you. It must be understood however, that to recover from adrenal fatigue it is necessary first to alter your way of living. You have to start eating an appropriate balanced meals, doing light daily exercise, getting adequate sleep, minimizing tension and/or learning to cope with it. It is likewise essential to give yourself time two times a day to breathe deeply for five mins.

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