Is Surgery Necessary for Brain Cancer Research?

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25 Mar 2013

When you think about brain cancer research, I am sure that most people commonly associate with invasive surgery. It’s almost necessary for people to go under the knife if they desire direct treatment of these tumors. Without it, it’s difficult to treat specific growths in the brain and it’s like there are few alternatives to take. Having said that, however, it seems like one hospital is offering up a new method which will not require usage of a sharp instrument in order to see it through.

According to an article posted on the Destin Log website, the Sacred Heart Hospital would be utilizing a new tool in order to treat tumors within the brain. Going by the name of the Gamma Knife Perfexion, it makes use of beams in order to work with this condition. It basically works the same way as surgery – targeting specific growths – without ever having to utilize the knife. When you consider this idea alone, people would be open to making use of it.

I believe that a Gamma Knife has a range of possibilities but to say that it’s a brand new concept would be a life. More than 275 institutions have put this into implementation but when you get down to it, the Sacred Heart Hospital is the first along the Gulf Coast to make use of it. There is also the element of risk that, in my opinion, should be looked at more often. The Gamma Knife does not quite pose that same level of risk, so it’s simpler to use based on that as well.

The article talked about the number of causes that this procedure can help, too, which only helps brain cancer research to expand. Both malignant and benign tumors are to be helped by this and there’s also a condition by the name of arteriovenous malformation to take into account. For those who don’t know, AVM is found in between arteries and veins and it can cause difficulty in terms of speech as well as bouts of numbing and tingling in the body. These details should be looked at more often by companies along the lines of Voices Against Brain Cancer.

As far as the Gamma Knife Perfexion is concerned, the first case will begin around this time since its installation back in February. Personally, I hope that this procedure goes off without a hitch and sees better results than any other remedy that exists for this condition as is. I don’t think that people are going to ignore this story, either. As people who want to see more cures come about for troubling condition, this seems like a positive step forward.

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