The romance of old tire swings

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3 Mar 2013

There are cornfields covering miles on each side of the road while you drive down the dusty road of the mid-west.Here and there a farm dots the landscape. On the right side, you might come across a farmhouse. As you near it, you might see children cycling up and down the road. A fence surrounds the farm with a front gate that might be open. The area including the farm features several large trees. The front of the house might be having a particularly large tree.And, hanging from that tree is a large rope.Attached to the end of the rope is a tire.What you’re looking at is a tire swing.

Tire swings portray the western form of uniqueness. The farm stands individually encompassed by fields. The farmer works hard together with his family to get things done.They need little help from anyone else. Their farm is inherited from generation to generation hence the have always kept things going right.

Tire swings have been symbols of many things throughout the years. If you have watched western movies, there are probably scenes where you might see a polka dotted lady swinging on a tire swinging. It might be that there was a young gentleman behind her giving her a push. You might have seen a different movie of a child swinging on the tire swing, very happy and having fun swinging with outstretched legs.

It is said, that a tire swing hangs in one of the trees at Harvard. As part of the Harvard students get together, the students get to have a ride at the tire swing while enjoying hotdogs and loud music.If you are not in the know that Harvard students might be capable of these things, then you might have to duck as the students have fun.

The students take this tradition of swinging on a tire swing as they break away from books and classes in a good way as they break from the monotony of education. Some would not think a tire swing belongs in that environment. Apparently Harvard does.

The tire swing theme is quickly forgotten after childhood. keeping it in mind though helps us forget the strain of the commotion today’s world offers. The tire swing is a vision anyone can embrace but for most of us, few keep it in mind

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