First time chat with girls is not so tough!!

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19 May 2013

Men, who are believed to be the mightiest in the Human race, are not always strong in every aspect. Especially when it comes to initiating a chat with girls, most men are weak in nature. Usually men don’t admit themselves to this fact; although they know the fact that all men are alike in this particular task in their life. But if you think whether starting a first time chat with girls is a rocket science? Yes, it is. But even Rocket science can be mastered if you know the basics and concepts, then why not this so called tougher task. So if you want to break this ice, you got to keep 3 basic things in your mind. If you can train your mind to adhere to these rules, then you are the master.

There are many ways to win a girl and begin a conversation with her. But this is most likely to be the toughest phase for any male. Here we share three simple tricks which will help you to begin a conversation with a girl. Although these are fairly useful and will help you to start the ground work, yet there is a lot more for you to master.

The second tip on to start a conversation with a girl is by starting with direct conversations or opener. This technique can be applied by guys who are confident-but not too over confident-and is not afraid to be rejected since this is a technique which will allow the guy to start by saying directly what he wants. The good thing about this technique is that the girl will immediately know the intention of the guy. The thing is, there is also a higher risk with applying this, but in the end, if both of you are in the same page, the risk that you have taken will still be worth in the end. As what the saying goes, “with great risks also comes a great reward.”

The next approach is more direct where you do not use indirect cues. This can be used by guys who are not afraid of rejection. This method can be used by guys who are confident and not scared by the possibility of getting rejected. In this method the guy does not mask his intentions and directly speaks to the girl. This helps in making things clear at the initial stages itself and the girl too has a clarity regarding the intention of the guy. Although there is a greater risk in this but the best thing is that eventually you both are on the same wavelength, so this is a risk which is truly worth taking. However at no point should you hurt the self respect of the girl. Be discrete and try to woo and impress her with your style and class.

Texting Thumb Rule: If you want to get into a first time chat with girls through text, the very basic rule you should know is whether the girl is free to text you back. If she is stuck up with some other work, you cannot expect a reply from her. Likewise if she is free and don’t have any other work to do, she may continue to text you back at least to burst her boredom and you can wisely use it to build your conversation.

So, what are you waiting for, sugar? Go on… you know how exactly to begin a conversation with a girl, so go on and talk your way into that cute girl’s heart.

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