The Importance Of HRM For A Business Organization

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8 Aug 2013

Human resource management is a vital role in any business organization. It handles many activities in a business firm to improve its business operations. Among various activities, hiring workers is one major HR task. The human resource department should recognize available job positions in the firm and recruit suitable candidates to fill those job vacancies. The HR department is also liable to keep good performances of their employees all the time.

Suitable trainings should be given to newly recruited people and they should also educate with company rules, procedures and functions.

Additionally, human resource department is liable to improve performances of employees and maintain high efficiency. Continues performance evaluation should be done and HR people should know characteristics, abilities and weaknesses of every employee in the firm. Generally, HR department conduct training and development programs to improve employee skills.

Good employee relationships help to make satisfied employees and good working background. It also helps to keep skilled employees in the organization. If a person is satisfied with his job, he will not leave from the job. The goal behind this is performance improvement and employee retention. This is also done through human resource management. HRM procedures are always set according to the company policies and procedures.

Finally, HRM is liable to control workers by setting up rules and regulations to force them to achieve business goals. Human resource management is always working for company vision and objectives by developing skilled and loyal employees.

Lots of firms face many issues during their day-today business activities because of the misuse of HR procedures. This happens because many firms do not require knowledge and experience to recognize problems and reasons behind them. That is why human resource management and HR managers are important for any organization. They can quickly identify any issues related to workers and the reasons behind those issues. Human resource management function always goes with company business targets and goals. Its main aim is to maximize employee productivity by addressing their issues and making them happy. Then, it uses employee productivity to achieve organizational goals and to increase profits.

Unlike earlier, market completion is very high. With the globalization and new technological trends, it is very difficult to survive in the business field without effective HR practices. Activities such as recruitment and selection, performance evaluation, training and development, employee welfare should be done very carefully. These activities can only be performed through effective human resource management procedures.

Hence, correct HR policies should always be implemented in the business.

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