Simple Travel Tips To Avoid Illness While On Holiday

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16 Jul 2013

Don’t Drink the Water

We have all heard that piece of advice before going on our holiday. It has been a warning given to foreign travellers for years. Depending on which area of the world you are traveling to, will determine the health risks you will have to watch out for. Each country has their own unique organisms in the water, so it is quite common to get ill while traveling. One in three people will spend at least one day in bed with an upset stomach. The close confines of an airplane cabin mean that 80% of the air is contaminated with other peoples exhaled germs, so catching some sort of illness is inevitable if there are sick people on the plane. The more that you travel the better your body will be at fighting these foreign organisms and bacteria. Talk to a doctor if you feel really bad at any stage and have good travel insurance.

Avoid Disappointment During Your Holiday By Staying Healthy

Getting sick will ruin your vacation or business trip. A good way to avoid getting ill is to drink plenty of clean bottled water. When you are dehydrated, your body is weak and prone to headaches and sickness. Try to drink at least 2 liters a day and 4-5 if the weather is humid and hot. This is easy to do and can be a lifesaver during your holiday or business trip. Try to limit your alcohol and caffeine intake as they can increase the effects of dehydration and make you go to the bathroom more.

If you get sick while traveling it is recommended that you take it easy and get some rest. Nobody wants to spend their trip in bed sleeping but taking short naps will help your recover. Try to get some sleep after lunch or dinner. Relaxing activities such as reading a great book or swimming can help pass the time and keep your mind active and not focused on the illness. Try to get your strength back and not take part in anything that would require to much energy.

Best Defense

To stop yourself getting sick while abroad, try to avoid that which will make you sick. Avoid brushing your teeth with the local water and buy plenty of bottled stuff as soon as you land. Pressurized air in a planes cabin is quite dry and can make you dehydrated. You should try to rest well the night before you fly and get enough sleep. Travelling can make you tired and irritable, which then makes you stressed, which is when the bodies defences are down. It gets pretty cold when flying so make sure you bring warm clothes. Try to keep a bottle of water handy and carry a few essentials to make the trip easier.

Taking a little over the counter medicine at the first symptoms may be enough to keep you from really feeling it. Antacid tables for upset stomachs, antihistamine for sinus and allergies including insect bites, Imodium to reduce effects of diarrhea , something for flu like symptoms, Tylenol for headaches, fisherman friend for sore throat and ginger candies for motion sickness. The ginger candies are also good anytime your stomach is upset. It may sound like a lot of medicine but you only need a few of each. Just enough to take at first signs and sustain you till it convenient to stop at a drug store. I keep mine in a small drawstring change purse. A small bottle of hand sanitizer may come in handy.

On arrival in your destination country, try to take it easy when sampling the local foods. Jumping in gives your system no time to adapt. If you do become ill, stay in bed and rest.

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