James Malinchak’s six Steps To Overcome Challenges

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26 Mar 2013

We all face challenges in our lives. Occasionally these problems provide us with a much needed push out of complacency, and at other times, they seem to push us further down into a stressful situation. They push us down further because we don’t know how to deal with them. However, it’s possible to conquer challenges by taking a good look at the actual challenge. Then, breaking down the challenge into manageable steps towards a solution.

Usually the most powerful trigger to get over challenges is the acceptance to handle the challenge rather than ignore it. Take a deep breath and then start dealing with it. Make use of the 6-step plan below to help you uncover your own formula to successfully working through the next obstacle life throws at you!

Step 1: Identify the Challenge.

What is it? What does it mean to you? What significant difference will it make to you and the people immediately around you?

Step 2: Identify Solution

You now know what the challenge will mean to your life. The major step towards overcoming the challenge and resetting your life balance is to accept the change. Identify what you need to do to reset the balance. If the challenge is that you’ve lost your job, for example, the solution will be to get a new one.

Step 3: Identify Goals

To conquer challenges which is going to change your life, identify small goals that will take you from the challenge stage to the solution and write up a logical action plan. With the employment challenge example, small goals would be to evaluate and update your skills, update your resume, read a book about interview strategies, apply for suitable jobs, and so on. Take active steps towards resetting your life balance and you’ll get there sooner.

Step 4: Implementation Plan

Begin with the first item on your small goal list and take action on that goal. Work continuously through your list. If something different happens to you, add it to the list.

Step 5: Assess

If you have worked through your goal action plan and the challenge still remains unresolved, then think again about where you are and where you need to take action to solve it. Draw up a new action plan. Perhaps you would like to retrain for a different field of work, could you be funded to do that, are there courses available nearby, and so on.

Step 6: Adjust

The challenge is fixed. You got that new job. Now you should adjust your life to accept this new solution as being “normal”.

It is a terrific stress reliever to overcome challenges, but often the solution will create a new challenge. For example, with the new job scenario, being the new employee is another challenge. Approach it in the same way as you did with the losing of the old job – Identify, Implement, Assess and Adjust. Hopefully, by having a formula to use when a challenge comes into your life, it will be less traumatic and easier to overcome!

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