Four Ways of Thinking That Decrease Marketing Automation Effectiveness

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23 Mar 2013

There is no question that Marketing Automation (MA) improves the way leads are generated and converted to sales. But unless you are using MA to it’s fullest potential, which many companies do not, you are missing out on everything this technology has to offer.

Purchasing a marketing automation platform is the easy part. The bigger challenge for most organizations is fully committing to the technology so that it can do what it was designed to do. If you are preparing for MA implementation or want to get more value out of your current platform, don’t allow these four mindsets to hinder your MA success:

1. “Who cares about content?”

This way of thinking is highly detrimental to any type of business. Content is what drives email campaigns and needs to be varied, engaging and targeted. You might as well not even waste your time with marketing automation if you don’t plan on creating high quality content.

2. “We will commit to MA fully once certain aspects are successful.”

Marketing automation is an “all or nothing” type of process. You cannot be fearful or timid about implementing it in its entirety unless you want it to fail. It is always a good idea to consult with an expert first if you are inexperienced or uncertain about developing a MA strategy for your business.

3. “Sales and marketing will never be on the same page.”

This kind of attitude is dangerous for any business and needs to be adjusted before a MA strategy is even considered. Sales and marketing teams must collaborate and work together towards a common goal, and management must facilitate this alignment. Only then will MA be an effective tool to help both departments generate revenue.

4. “IT is responsible for making marketing automation function correctly.”

IT certainly needs to be onboard with any new technology implementations, as well as understand how it is going to be used and integrated within the organization. But marketing teams need to realize that they are the ones that will create the MA strategy and carry it out. IT is there for support if needed, but cannot be held responsible for MA success.

Jennifer U. Rastian is an author in the world of marketing automation. If you are interested in working with the latest in marketing automation she suggests you check out Marketo Experts. You can learn more about this topic by visiting

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