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16 Apr 2013

I am not sure if it is just me but the very word ‘champagne’ has connotations of grandeur, elegance and panache. One of my closest friends will order nothing else when we go out. Pretentious? No, I cry. Classy as hell. After all, it doesn’t have quite the same ring as ‘Make mine a pint of bitter’ does it?

Champagne is, as most of us already know, named after the Champagne region of France where these delectable grapes are grown. It usually costs a pretty penny. With its added fizz and dazzle, it has become the drink most sought after in affluent circles. But let us leave France behind and jet off to the sparkling, hapless hills of Hollywood. Yes the land of the botoxed and the beautiful, no matter the pain (or expense) involved. One can argue that Hollywood is responsible for many questionable influences in this world, but drinking champagne cocktails? That is a new one on me! Hollywood firmly believes that champagne and its various cocktails were made famous in films where iconic stars sipped and supped in great style.

Despite her short life and her sad demise, Marilyn Monroe will always be remembered for her style, her guts and her exuberance. So, in many ways, she is exactly the same as fine champagne. If we were no longer able to drink this ambrosia, the world would be a sorrier place. Exactly as it is without Monroe.

When you come to think of it, Ms Monroe has much in common with Champagne: she was completely desirable, loved by the masses, a symbol of unique style and the world is a much sorrier place for her passing. But on to happier thoughts: why not languish in one of these liquid luxuries yourself?

For the Marilyn Monroe, blend grenadine, apple juice and brandy with ice cold champagne. Posh it up a bit with the inclusion of cherries or grapes. To make a Jayne Mansfield squish some strawberries, add strawberry liquer and mix with rum and chilly champers. The Casablanca – “here’s looking at you, kid” – is made with frosty champagne, sugar, blood orange juice and lime juice. A twist of lime and you are off to the romantic world of Bogart and Bergman.

On Monday April 15th, Home House of Portman Square are ‘calling all ladies’ to come and enjoy a bit of the old bubbly! Bring 2 of your girlfriends to the Bison Bar after the first day of the working week to relax by the fire with a bottle of Mot et Chandon NV Champagne at a dramatically reduced price of 30 per bottle, (normally 49).

Home House is a luxury Private Club in London. Located in London’s Portman Square near Soho, Home House is a private members club with a difference, and the perfect location for work or play, with luxurious bars, restaurants, bedrooms, gardens and hosts exclusive events in London like our Afternoon Tea with a Sparkle.

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