Can Call of Duty Gain Attention of Commercial Collection Agencies?

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23 Mar 2013

It shouldn’t be terribly hard to run a video game company in the simplest terms, can it? You simply have to make the best products possible and market them to people so that they will be driven to buy them. This is a process that is rinsed and repeated many times over with each title that comes out of the company and it’s all just a matter of working hard. With the “Call of Duty” series seemingly taking a new leap, I feel like commercial collection agencies may get involved.

“Call of Duty” is tremendously popular with gamers all around the world and anyone who says differently would be dead wrong. I can say this as someone who’s not a big fan of the games because I understand where they fall in society as we know it today. It’s become, essentially, the Super Mario Bros. of shooter titles and people seem to enjoy them, otherwise they wouldn’t procure them. This doesn’t mean that people have to accept some of the unfair business actions.

Activision released the official word that “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” would soon be home to incremental buy-me-ups. To put it simply, these are going to be smaller purchases made where more minute items would be procured. The problem here is that the items are not worth their asking prices, no matter how cheap they may be. I don’t think that it’s very worthwhile, for example, for the company to charge one dollar for players to simply receive differently themed calling cards.

Imagine going through this kind of situation in a real-life setting. For example, you may procure a house and you’re under the belief that you have access to each room, all except one or two doors that you have to pay extra money for. This is the same kind of practice that’s going on here and I don’t know if any reputable agency like R.R.S. would be in support of it. In fact, I think that irate buyers would be driven to look into commercial collection agencies more often if this came about.

I can’t say that microtransactions are a new thing but I will say that it’s wrong for game developers to accept them. They are not good ways to do business and I feel like intelligent gamers are going to step away if they start to see that these are coming about in greater numbers. There are ways that people can combat this practice so that it doesn’t occur. I believe the simplest – and most effective – way for this to happen is to simply not buy that company’s products.

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