The Joy Of Illustrated Childrens Books

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18 Apr 2013

Generations of children have spent hours of their young lives enjoying the beautiful illustrations in books designed especially for them. Illustrated childrens books are those that have text, but are also enhanced by artwork. This can be anything from a simple line drawing to a full scale water color that has been done for that particular book.

It is a good idea to set aside time each day to read. This should begin within a few weeks of the babies birth. Even the smallest infant will enjoy listening to their mother or father’s voice reading to them. As the child gets a little older they will soon enjoy looking at the pictures in a book.

There are many studies emerging that show the problems associated with television viewing at an early age. Children have little to no attention span, they are unable to focus on their school work and may even get behind. It is much better to limit screen time and spend more time with a good book. Children must learn to sit quietly and look at the pictures. A child who learns this skill at a young age is much more likely to progress to being an avid reader.

Between the ages of three and ten are the times when children most enjoy illustrated books. They are able to really make the most of the combination of text and pictures. Some of the most loved characters in children’s literature are instantly recognizable from their stories. Babar the Elephant is one such character. The stories have enthralled children for decades with their bold drawings of this thoughtful pachyderm.

The first illustrated children’s book appeared in Europe in 1648. The Orbis Pictus used woodcuts to create a picture on every page. It was put together by a Moravian author called Comenius. Each picture had the name of the object in Latin, German and English. This book was extremely popular and read by many families throughout Europe at the time.

Generations of children have loved the Thomas the Tank Engine series. These classic book have a beautiful illustration to accompany every page of text. The readers can see each of the engines and their individual characteristics. The Island of Sodor seems so real, complete with its hills, rivers and towns. It is these wonderful images that have helped to keep these stories at the forefront of children’s literature.

Finding books with not only good text, but also engaging illustrations can be a challenge. One author who never disappoints is Richard Scarry. His works have become classics in the realm of children’s literature. The animal characters are fun and friendly and there are some excellent messages to the young readers. The illustrations really seem to bring the characters to life and it is no wonder they are such a favorite.

Youngsters today have just as many great stories to enjoy. Characters such as Franklin the turtle, Rupert Bear and the Backyardigans are featured in many great books. Children love to see their favorite friends come to life on the pages. Illustrated childrens books are as popular today as they have ever been and are helping to create a new generation of avid readers.

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